Tuesday, September 21, 2010

『HOME』Inoue Joe

『HOME』by Inoue Joe


Rip from the SonyMusic site,『HOME』PV. Watch the PV by clicking on the link before its removed!

inouejoefans @ YT

Home by Inoue Joe Download
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Do not claim as yours, LMAO. You can repost the link anywhere you like, as long as you post the mirrorcreator link, not the respective download sites' links. :D Credits are unnecessary :/

I'm supposed to be on hiatus but this song is just too beautiful! So hyped that I posted on my supposedly dead blog D:
Places I like, people I love
I can remember all the things
We will do all day, never too late
To go back to the place where I call
Home sweet home
This is where I belong
What I'm seeing is just a dream
I hope I don't ever wake up again~
Part of the lyrics of the song :)

The PV is also very fun and natural, not much of computer graphics! Joe's smile is so infectious that I can't help smiling along while he was having fun, grooving along the song :D

And the random mention of his name in the song is awesome. Love ya style, Joe Inoue!

Ah sou, his Homepage theme has changed to Dos Angeles' for promotion~! sadly BBS was removed already D:

Here are the set of images :)
(click for full size)

Guess which I love the most? Hee hee.
[spoiler]The 4th one! Its just too beautiful.[/spoiler]

Oh, and here are DOS ANGELES' jacket cover.

Left: Limited Edition with DVD
Right: Regular Edition

OMG, anticipates its release! ♥

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