Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An apple fell.


1★Plans for the near future, not the far future.
2☆What my mum just told me =="
3★Updates for my absence.
4☆My recent addiction, back to my not-so-recent addiction.


Life after SPM, I hope I'll make full use of the remaining 16 days before 2010 ends! Tomorrow, I wonder what I will do. Nobody invite me out. YES, I'm actually a social-castout in real life. XD Friday, no plans for now too. Saturday, morning go out exercise with Syeefa! ♡ Then afternoon, nothing again. *sigh* Sunday, COMIC FIESTA!! :D I was planning to cosplay, but...

I told my mum I needed a wig, contact lenses and black shoes. Then, she just said, "No need lah. Don't need do that thing already."

*heart break* No further explanation on my feelings right now. But, here's a picture on what who I actually wanted to cosplay as.

Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club.

Well, I actually wanted to cosplay as Kyouya Ootori, but my spectacles are different from his ^^" Shoganai dayo ne?

The tall guy with specs. XD

This is the costume. My mum borrowed it from her friend :D Yesh, my mum's friend does cosplay. HOW AWESOME?! She's cosplaying for Comic Fiesta this year too! :3

Guess next year then. I'll get my own costume since I'd have time!

I actually came online, everyday, without fail. Loads of things happened.

# My beloved grandpa passed away in the morning of 1st November.
# I met Yappers. HEH HEH. And she passed me my JUMP No. 1 album!

# I bought 4 boxes of Pocky. Talking about that, it was celebration for after-SPM. I should eat now!

# Yes, a penguin plushie as well.
# I went through the whole day of "the last day of school before SPM". My classmates were cryinggg XD The group hug was awesome, mates!

# Ben Tennyson (that's his name, right?) is my new-found boyfriend. XD Promised Liners that we will go do a skit there. :/

# Celebrated my brother's birthday at home. :D

# Celebrated Ohno's birthday on that morning. XD

And that's the most I can remember. :')

IS BACK TO ANIME. I was a total anime addict before I got to know Arashi and Mukai-sama. And now I'm back to being addicted to anime, AGAIN. D: The anime I'm watching now is Shugo Chara! The anime is hilarious. :D But now, I just finished episode 77 and I hate to see that Tadase and Amu's relationship is disrupted. I really liked Tadase. But I love Souma more. XD Ikuto makes a very cute pet! :3

And I don't wanna continue watching because I know, typical storyline, Ikuto will end up with Amu. BUT I PREFER TADASE ;___; And yes, Tadase is the dude up there. Isn't he lovableee~? His shugo kyara is as lovable as him XD Kyara named Kiseki, my 3rd favourite kyara.

This is Yoru, Ikuto's shugo kyara. I wanted to cap a few moments where Ikuto was being a really cute cat but meh. Yoru for your entertainment~ Yoru is my most favourite kyara~

I would kidnap it if I see it. *__*

Miki comes next! Yes, she has the same name as my fangirl-name XD She likes Yoru, Tadase and Daichi. However, I'm not a big fan of Daichi, only his owner Souma XD

And here are some kyara pictures. THESE CHIBI THINGS. *__*

And some moments which I found funny, and actually took the initiative to screencap it.
*gosh, my mum's nagging again =='*

Pictures see from,

Every moment when someone mentions "ouji (prince)", Tadase will chara-change and go into the king/prince mode. ↓↓

This is when Souma kiddingly asked Nagehiko how does it feel like to wear a skirt and Nagehiko forced the skirts onto Tadase and Souma. XD ↓↓

There's one more Shugo Chara picture I wanna share, but lets leave it until an appropriate time :)

OH, and the divider, yeah? Is closely related to Shugo Chara :P watch it if you wanna find out~ XD


And not long ago, I realised that besides "-tachi" that brings the meaning of many for words like "watashitachi" or "bokutachi" which means us // "kimitachi" or "anatatachi" which means you all, "-ra" can be used also!

eg. "bokura" which means us, "omaera" which means you all.

Yesss, I heard "bokura" from... I dunno which song, A-Ra-Shi, I think? And Kiseki (that kyara up there, remember?) said "omaera" to the "庶民" (shomin, which means common people, since Kiseki often acts like a king, he calls everyone shomin ^^").

OK, this wasn't supposed to be a Japanese language class. XD

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