Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Its funny how patriotic people can be.

The Trending Topics on Twitter, last checked 11.50pm (GMT +8) 27 December 2010.

And interesting Tweets by the Tweeters. I didn't censor the usernames, because, what's the need? I don't even have a Twitter account and I can see all these, so, yeah. I'm showing what I saw, not hiding. :D

Genuis A+ Tweet, I supposed?

Yeah, right. Funny how there are 2 different reasons why Indonesians are hating Malaysia/Malaysians.


I can understand that. *sarcasm*

Hee hee. But Malaysians didn't trend "HATE INDONESIA", for your concern.

And this one was a very funny comment. Maybe it's not, but I find it. XD

*retweets* (like as if I had a Twitter account. XD)

They didn't hate for the cheating. :)

Oh yay.

TADA~ Reason #2.


Thanks for compiling the reasons, Indonesia.


"Like torch".... I didn't get that, but... "Hurting Indonesian maids and Indo workers".... Maybe Indonesia should ban their citizens to work at Malaysia :) cuz if Malaysia ban them from coming in, TADA, another hate-reason. HOW CONTRADICTING RIGHT?!

How patriotic.

I totally didn't get this Tweet, but capping it for fun! XD

Oh yes, Malingsial = The nickname for Malaysia given by the anti-Malaysia-Indonesians. Months ago I found a Facebook group dedicated for Malingsial. HAHA

Then I couldn't take it anymore, I closed Twitter.

I didn't have an account to begin with! :D

Good night, sweet dreams. I hope this post won't end up on Google Search. I'm just trying to rant as a person not involved. In other words, a third-person's point of view. although I'm a Malaysian :/

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