Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fangirl on crack, and the HSJ fandom need some.

Its Hey! Say! JUMP's fault. They are rarely crackable. D:

It all started when I was taking pictures to show my fangirling collections which I will post in Facebook later. Then, the curious side of me (also the curious side of Aiba. XD) made me experiment taking photos in different angle. It was Daiki's picture I took first, but I'll make that in the Hey! Say! BEST post tomorrow. :P

I'm not using a DSLR (or was it, DLSR?) and I don't know any settings, so it may appear a bit dark and I'm too lazy to Photoshop it, so try to see the bright side, OK? :D what a pun!

Yamada Ryosuke was first in the photobook. He is very good looking, handsome... Fangirls go drooling over him!

Then we see another side of him, the cartoon-like-macho type. Why cartoon-like-macho? Do you know how cartoons draw macho man? Yep, square full jaws. /giggle

Then we wee a side of him that looks like anime; big eyes and slim jaw.


Next is Nakajima Yuto. Has a very high nose.

You know what? Macho Yuto is awesome. I don't really like him being stick-thin! XD

Anime Yuto, is... Not anime enough. Do you like?

OH, and if you came from my LJ, I'm really, really sorry for the misleading cut-description. But, don't you think he's looooong?

Not kidding, huh?

Our next candidate is Chinen Yuri. And yes, opposite of Yuto's long. Cute, adorable!

You cannot resist. /licks lips

And wonder how macho Chinen can be? Wonder no more.

He has thick chest. What a macho face.

What happens then, when he tries to be like the Japanese animation?

Makes me wonder if he's a spy from outer space, a planet known as Cheen.

Follow up next is Morimoto Ryutaro (my delusional brother :D). He's uber cute, IMO, he's way cuter than Cheen inhabitant.

This cute guy here, can he be macho? Oh yes he can. Morimoto-mama and us have fed him really well.

Look at those extra flesh. What if, he tries to be an anime character?

Pretty. Just, pretty.

Last but not least, we have President OK, Okamoto Keito. One that already has the macho-square jaw.

My nose fetish made me do this.

Also, Pres OK has very nice eyes. Here's an eye.

A very nice smile. No wonder he makes a good president.

When he tries to be extra macho, what will happen?

Oops, he looked like some vegetable. I guess because he was already macho, this makes a reverse effect. What about macho being anime?

/squeal! He does it best. OK for president!

Teaser for tomorrow, the Hey! Say! BEST:

OH WHAT? This blog is rated G! Get all yer perverted thoughts away :P


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