Tuesday, December 28, 2010


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So, according to the news above, the important points are these;-
1. The coach of the Indonesian football team dismissed the idea that it was the cheating laser that caused distracted the goalkeeper to miss the ball(s, ?).
2. The Indonesian media then find another reason for the team's lost: Malaysians used black magic.
3. A famous person predicted that Indonesia will lose to Malaysia by 0-3 in the match.
4. His prediction was accurate because his eyes are powerful.
5. Malaysia got their magic help from Thailand, China and India.

And my 2 cents shall follow;-
1. According to this video, Malaysians used laser to point at the Indonesian goalkeeper, therefore he asked to stop the game.
2. Firecrackers were seen also, but this didn't cause any goals, hence its not counted as cheating. By the way, the person/people who put the firecrackers were taken care of under the law.
3. Since I said no goals = not cheating, I didn't find any footage of the lasers pointing at the Indonesian goalkeeper and a simultaneous goal from the Malaysian football players.*
4. Another video for your entertainment. This one is the laser pointing at the Malaysian goalkeeper instead. But no goal was made (HAHA, it was made before.) simultaneously with the goal. So, no cheat.
5. About the black magic thing... I don't have any comments, actually. HAHA. I don't believe these things anyway.
6. More Tweets I capped from my phone.

Ano sa, Malaysian stealing = Malaysian inferior to Indonesia. How can Malaysian have the power to oppress/humiliate?

Also, one of the problems was the first helping-hand during the tsunami attack.

Welcome to reality.

Yup, why hate?

7. 'Hate Malaysia' Twitter revenge on Malay Mail Online
8. Do We Really #HateMalaysia? on Marketeers

*will be changed when there's evidence :)

What do we actually want, people? Having the victorious feeling so that we can feel good? Yes, that's what normal people want, feeling superior over others. Everything needs sacrifice. Talking about that, I was sad that Japan lost to.... I forgot who during FIFA. XD

A call to world peace! :') May today's match on AFF would be a fair match of real skills. All the best to the Malaysian team! Harimau Malaya, RAAAR! :D

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