Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I feel so blargh.

Just now, had a talk with E about what we're gonna do for our future studies. As many may know, I'm currently a NEET (search Google if you need to) and I'm kinda enjoying this life. My mum forces me to work because I know she hates seeing me paying attention to the computer more than my surroundings. Thus, I applied for a job where E is working too, but she's gonna leave in 3 more weeks cuz its getting boring, says her. PS: I applied the job because she wanted me to, because she says she's bored there.

And now, E is going to quit her job. =____= Oh the joy.

The talk we had, yeah. I'm starting to get reluctant on studying biotech in a government university. I wonder what can I do from biotechnology, seriously? Looked at The One Academy's website, it seems that drawing is a requirement and I have no drawing skills. I want to do Computer Graphics, but yeah, everything starts from a sketch.

And now I feel really blargh not only of the working thing, also the future education thing and my monthly visit.

I'll talk to my parents about this.

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