Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm sorry to those who waited for BEST's part.


Happy 2011, my dear reader!

And thus, we continue on the remaining 5 members of Hey! Say! JUMP that form the sub-unit called Hey! Say! BEST, the onii-chan team. Daiki was the first on the photobook, but the dear bias of me wants to reveal what-that-started-this-all at the end of the post :P

Firstly, we present... OH MY GOSH. I actually deleted Daiki's, the pictures that started these all. *looks sideways* Imma go take again. *runs to room*

OK, while the pictures are being processed and uploaded, I'll start off with what I ended in the first post -- Takaki's neck.

So, our first specimen is Takaki Yuya. Many say that he's sexy, spicy? I don't know. I find it very amusing when he sings. :D

When sexy wants to be macho... I think I took the picture at a wrong angle. XD

When sexy wanna show his distinctive, electrically-charged eyes...

LAUGH WITH ME, WORLD! (or maybe I'm the only one who wants to laugh XD)

Then, we have pretty. Who? PRETTY, DUH. That's his name. ... Inoo Kei, ring a bell, now?

If a girl tries to be macho, it's not nice. When pretty tries to be macho, it is also not nice. XDDD

When pretty tries to be pretty? :D Its like those girls who likes to take pictures from the top.

Camwhore, they say.

We have next a person who has the best facial expression in my humble opinion. :D Yaotome Hikaru, he rocks your socks, FYI.

Hikaru: YEAH!

What if he wants to be macho? What if he wants to kill you with a dazzling smile?

And then he decided to be an alien, dominating Planet Cheen in the future time to come?

I sense your humble intelligence, oh high Otome.

This is Otome partner in crime, Yabu Kota. Why partner in crime? You'll see later.

He tells us not to accuse him. But he wanna point at us at a macho manner.

He got angry at us, in a macho manner. D:

But then, he thinks that getting angry isn't worth. He's gonna gang up with Otome to dominate Planet Cheen. Oh, poor Chinen.

That much intelligence is invalid!!1

And last but not least, Arioka Daiki. Yes, this is freshly taken, because I realised that I deleted them by mistake. Well, except for the first picture. :D

Then, this guy thinks that being short does not equal to "cannot be macho".

Also, this guy thinks that being short equals to being awesomely pretty.


That's all folks! :D To end this, I give you Daiki's legs.

He is Big Foot in disguise. /gasps


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