Monday, March 21, 2011

Is "lonliness" a correct word?

Well, is it? I don't think so though :P

So, in my previous post, I ranted about "exceeding bandwidth" and I'm still not happy about it. Grrr. Now, I upload everything to LiveJournal, because LiveJournal is awesome. You can upload pictures without needing to post them! I don't think it works in Blogger. /betrays XDD Plus! LiveJournal doesn't resize your images and there's no storage limit and bandwidth limit too. HEH. Livejournal, banzai~~!

Now, I'm having this really bad toothache, tells me I might have a cavity, again. It started at the right bottom wisdom tooth, my gums were swollen. Then I kept chewing at the left side and now both sides are swollen. Plus, a tooth above the left side is aching. GOSH, I don't even want to eat anymore uhuhuh.

Tomorrow's class gathering for pre-SPM results. We're gonna have barbecue and perhaps a swim? LOL, I hope not :/ I'm not even sure if I'm going but I really wanna go, spend time with classmates! Waaa, pray hard...

But the con of LiveJournal is sometimes, it just doesn't want to upload my pictures... /smashing the keyboard now D:

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