Friday, April 8, 2011

Epop Malay April!

Lets just say this issue is as J-pathetic as one of the past issue; there's only one J-actor at the interview part, a JE mini poster and a J-actor calendar (which, IMO, is the best part XD). The others are fanworks and biodatas which we can find on the internet. But not complaining about the biodata one, if one hadn't realised its existence, why bother searching the net for it eh... Anyway, on to the scans.

Click for larger sizes.

Miura Haruma

KAT-TUN (mini poster)

Kitagawa Keito & Koda Kumi

NEWS (fan-fiction)

Maeda Atsuko (fan-tribute)

Seto Kouji (calendar)

Pray for Japan, they got attacked by an earthquake again...

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