Monday, March 28, 2011

Stamp of Approval! *stamps*

Well, OK. Remember I had a short disappearance? During that disappearance, apparently, I got addicted to something new. Its a Malaysian Disney Production. What is it?

Waktu Rehat, or it simply translates into English as Rest Time/Recess. This is also known as As The Bell Rings Malaysia. ;) The show's in Malay with English subtitles and its really hilariously original. Gotta love!

And do you need to guess who's my favourite character/person in this show? Well, I think its really simple. Heh.

This is- oops. Wrong picture.

This is Wai Chong, the Prefect in the show. His role is performed by Nicholas Cheng.

Honestly speaking, when I first saw him, I thought he had much resemblance towards Arioka Daiki -- except that he has shorter hair, wears spectacles and is taller -- and immediately developed a crush on him. Oh~ And before I go into a total fangirl spazz, I must say that his voice also has a slight resemblance towards Daiki. I had sleepless night just thinking about him ♥

Ahah, just kidding. I told two of my friends about this; whether I'm having a crush on Wai Chong or Nicholas, I'm not very sure about that. I like Wai Chong's personality but I don't know how Nicholas is like! Maybe he is as crazy as Wai Chong.

But if I developed a crush on Wai Chong, why do I care so much about his hair? Because Wai Chong is a prefect so he gotta keep his hair short, neat and tidy. Haha, honestly, his hair in the second picture is a bit... nerd. The first one is better. And one I saw recently uploaded by a fan on his fanpage;

LOVE THIS HAIR. *flails*

Well, OK, I can't possibly be biased and end the post at Wai Chong, but I'm lazy. Heh. Oh and about the new season, the new student, Adam, is CHO IKEMEN :D And his real age is actually younger than me by a year!

Do not judge a book by its cover.

On an off-topic side note: I'm addicted to milk and yogurt drinks ♥

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