Thursday, June 9, 2011

friends are my favourite things in life

without them, my life would be slightly dull

Money. The junk food Carmen and I used to eat a lot.
We're still eating this now, though as not frequent.

It has been a year since I left the child care centre, Latchkey (or now called Indah Permai due to the government), that I have been going to since I was 8. I see different people come and go. I see people change from the worse to the better, and vice versa. I see my friends leave, my friends come, my friends grow.

Of course, I had fun, I enjoyed.

My first Barbie doll was ruined there. Hahaha :)
I gained a whole load of weight. Hahaha :)
I got pwned. Hahaha :)

So I went back and visited them 2 days ago. We had some photo-spamming sessions cuz I like, I can.

Ying Ning



My hardy-har-har friends I love-rab-rab.

Ying Ning has been my friend since primary 2. We were from the same primary school, we helped each other alot.
Vivien has been my friend since, I don't remember. Well, what can I say? We don't do much together, but we're really close.
Carmen, I don't know. We're of the same league that's why we clicked. Well, literally.

So, Vivien treated me to a bottle of Sprite, Ying Ning treated me to a Mamee Tom Yam express cup and Carmen treated me to 2 pieces of Pisang Goreng. The bliss of having wonderful friends. ♥

Chu, cha, chi.

Later that day, we went to the playground; hangout, we like. :)

Shoe in ze hole
And then you've gotta love troubles, because I do, my friends do.

Before going home, we had a mini instant noodles party. :) What can I say? Friends do random things together, and everything's worth it.

Labs you, bbs

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Nurul Zakira said...

I believe that you're really truth friend. Hope you guys be happy always.