Saturday, June 11, 2011

gantz, its never too late.

Fangirling Date, with Carmen Cheong, my awesome partner-in-crime, 9th April.

Woke up late, had lunch late and rushed over to Carmen's gramma's house. Her sister and herself just finished school for that day and were having showers. I waited for a short while and then we were ready to go, all filled with excitement!

While waiting for her turn to take a bath, playing with the HTC

We had some lame moments on the way to Alamanda, Putrajaya. Showed her; a cover of my friend singing Bruno Mars' Marry You in which she immediately fell in love with his voice; and Fred in which she couldn't stop laughing when I find him really annoying. Gosh.

Going down the escalator; Carmen, her sister, her mother

So we reached the cinema and then I was frantically stomping my way everywhere, in search of the GANTZ poster.

My excitement attracted a lot of people's attention, literally

She loves Nino to the extent of poking his nose

And I was really, really psyched throughout the whole buying-tickets process.

At the counter

Across the elevator

After purchasing the tickets, we went for lunch as Carmen and her family haven't had it (while I rushed mine at home). We feasted at McD. I ate ice-cream~ And after that, we headed for the cinema (and I'm really sure I pee-d before going into the theater).

Getting ready for Nino

So we watched the movie, but I'm not writing a damned synopsis about it! Haha, go find for it yourself if you're interested. But overall, the movie was really intense ;) At about after half of the movie, I started to need to go to the toilet. We were actually planning to watch the movie until its end (which mean, all the credits) so that we can watch the trailer on teh big screen for Perfect Answer but I couldn't hold my bladder anymore. Hahaha~

The credits

A very Sho-biased cinema setup :D

After the movie, we hung out around.

A cute little camera ornament

A fake AKB48's Beginner

We had dinner at Sushi King and it was a really great one! Then, we returned home at 9pm. ♥ I had soooo much fun! Owe it all to Carmen's mum! Heheheh~

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