Friday, September 23, 2011

Life's full of trials and errors.

Learn from your mistakes, cuz that's the best lesson!

Too tired, too lazy, too exhausted, too frustrated, too many-homeworks-not-done-yet. Let the pictures be the story-teller.

Baked mooncakes by mum herself!

Snow-skin mooncakes, in process, with help from me

Happy Mid-autumn!


Outing with U8 mates! Pling and I, and gigantic lollipop.

Interesting stuffs at DAISO.

Ninja on a cup. NINJA! [@ Ninja Joe]

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." -  Scott Adams


It kept raining during Suara Kami 2011.
Genius creation.


How I wish someone was there to watch it set with me ♥

My cute eyebags have been there since young. Ahh ;p

I am not stressed, I am just not sleeping enough. I'm turning nocturnal, because I'm sleepy during the days and energized during the night. However, when I face my homework, it is a negligible fact; I get sleepy no matter what.

Have been on prefect-on-probation for a while now (4 months and counting). Many of my friends resigned because it was getting really tedious; plus we were under-appreciated.

We can't blame the human nature, many are ungrateful.

Got me thinking about my ambition; what is it that I want to be?

I really want to be a scientist, but I have no obvious discovery I want to uncover.
I really want to be a pharmacist, but memorizing got me thinking twice.
I really want to a pharmaceutical scientist, but I have no idea what I want to invent a cure on and I suck in memorizing.

I want to study in Japan. I want to study in Meiji University.

And I want to sleep!

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