Saturday, August 27, 2011

Was it only just a dream?

Splendid reward. :))

I have the most wonderful teachers this school year.
  1. Class teacher sponsored RM50 for our upcoming Poolside Partie! I am still contemplating on whether to go. Most of my classmates are going there with their lover, or THE significant partner. The single(s) might feel... sore, I must say. *points to self*
  2. Maths teacher treated the whole class to fried noodle on Thursday. Could smell Tom Yam throughout the 5 periods before recess. Couldn't hold in myself. The next day, she came in with chocolates as rewards to those who deserved it. I'm grateful to God for giving me this mathematical-inclined brain. Got rewarded the above 2 chocolate for acing my maths! ♥
So, form 6 is so far so good. (?) Further research is required.
I'm starting to slack off a little, starting to ask myself if this is what I want, starting to doubt my choice, starting to change, starting to not be myself anymore.
I wonder if its the pressure, or if its the environment (still single although everyone around me is coupled), or if its the effect of globalization, or if its the weather, of if its the lack of time.
I dream too much, I think too much, I analyze worthless information too much, I fantasize too much, I hope for too much, I get disappointed too much.
I go to school for the wrong purpose, I get motivated by the wrong reason, I continue for the wrong cause, I complete work by the wrong way, I help people by the wrong style.

At least I did a reflection on this.
Maybe its time to take action, time to move, time to start, time to stop, time to communicate, time to ask, time to confess.

Hmm. General Knowledge teacher said, "Guys are always first".

Anyway, Just a Dream by Nelly.

And quoting from my best friend,
if you love someone. you would do anything for him/her
even if it means risking your life"
-- Carmen Cheong

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