Tuesday, October 18, 2011

if i say

if i say that i love you, if i told you whats the deal
if i say that i love you, tell me how you feel
if i say that i love you, would you look at me the same

so lazy to use the shift key at the moment, please pardon all the lowercases in this post. by the way, it looks more contemporary, all these lowercases, less formality eh.

so i am confirmed a prefect now, finally [exclamation mark here please] and i am very, very emo these days. screw dopamine, screw myself for being an introvert, screw screw screwdriver pew pew pew. ```stressed

finals on the 31st october, need to study but where art thou moteevayshion.

yeah man, i just need to let things out, bottling my feelings inside me, one day i might just explode.
i've faced the verge of explosion twice already this year. took control of myself, i can.
ah, i am having that moment of emo again.

hmm, there's nothing much to talk about my life, besides having good food everyday.
as long as its edible and tastes well, it doesn't need to be however expensive, it'll be a satisfaction for me.
because food makes me happy.
and seafield's canteen has good food. i eat banana fritters and hashbrowns and ``hardkor``s everyday. best.
and tomorrow need to present biology in class. but i still don't feel like doing any thinking since yesterday morning.
and muet speaking test. the joy, the joy.

just today i complained how rare that i fangirl arashi nowadays, that i need back that life of mine.
or the life when i was crazy about anime.
i mean, my life's so dull now. is this how growing up is supposed to be

and soulmate, where are youuu...

mada owaranai.

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