Sunday, October 30, 2011

For example, 例えば.
I really think that you're the one
I want to show you where I'm coming from
I want to be your girl and be the one who's down for you
I'd like to get the chance to show you that
My love is true
Hello. I am still alive. But 5 days straight of intense battle starts from tomorrow and I can assure you that I haven't been studying.

First 2 days of holidays, I was at dad's hometown.  On the Sunday night I returned, had a fellowship moment with the U8 5B mates.
Next morning, fellowship moment with the U8 buddies and then a whole day spent after getting my very first Chatime and then walking around USJ6.
Pearl milk tea.
Tuesday, a whole day out shopping with Mummy for prom dress. Bought these as well.
Pocky and Arashi.
Wednesday, a whole day spent at Sash's lair celebrating Deepavali. And then had dinner with Carmen and her family.
At the playground like happy kids!
Like burnt ice-cream.

Thought Thursday would be the day when I finally stay home the whole day, but ended up going out to do manicure and pedicure.
Friday was the prom. Didn't wake up really early cuz I fell sick. Spent the whole night partying, so...
Yours truly isn't photogenic =="
A picture with our General Paper teacher. He's leaving us. Mr Kang, you'll be missed! (DEARLY).

Saturday (yesterday), spent most of my time day-dreaming, watching TV, talking on the phone with Carmen telling her interesting stories about my boring life, then watching TV again.
Today? Don't even talk about it.

I'm gonna fail this term and work harder for next year. Yesh!

Arashi will always be the best JE group evarrr! ♥
(Their latest song/single, Meikyu Love Song. The theme song for Sho-chan's drama :D)

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