Monday, June 29, 2009

Introducing Mikigo!

Mikigo, also known as Miki's language, is proud to launch at this time!
As the inventor of Mikigo, I'm here to give a speech!

*goes up stage and clears throat rudely in the mic.* Uuummmm... Hi, reader of my blog.. I, uh.... Am proud to have this launched today... It'll be a historical day for me..... And maybe you........ Uh.. Thank you. *runs away from stand and tripped over the wire* Yes I know. wireless but WTH, just deal with it!

Okay, the speech was random and don't get too I-can't-stand-it-anymore!.. xD

With this language, I proudly present the first word OFFICIALLY entered into the Mikigo - Mikidict!

Ding (pronounced as ding): A sound effect made when is meaning to express the word "sweat ".
eg. A: I twart that was a car.
B: Yes, it is... Ding (expressing the sweat as ding)..

Ahahaha, that was hilarious! Anyway....... I ate the Pocky...
There's only one word, ONE FREAKING BIG WORD, that is not in the Mikidict.

Oishii how many japanese characters make up this word?

Ah, this post is totally random, and I'm going into more randomness..
Woo, RandoMiki is baaaack.

My class had ribut taufan pasir (sand storm) today.
I'm lazy to explain why, but its caused by sweeping our class floor that is super dusty and it was swept in a totaly wrong way xD
The class beside (4 Bestari) was the tempat sementara (temporary place) for us, 4 Arif students to hang-out (bah, nice word xD).
I tell you, what my classmates (who were sweeping in a wrong way) did was just making the haze worse. Ding xD

*scream and flail and bashing of keyboard*
qv m, 5 6 890nb vhjnhjnfgvdrkl[p m!!%457856$%$^&%$&89!!!
(see the below and you'll know why)

The newest PV! (correct me if it isn't xD)
I went all teary-eyed when I watched it!
It'll be better if you understand the lyrics.
Its so encouraging!

Click here for lyrics and the meaning of the lyrics!
When you feel discourage, see and you'll feel better immediately!

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