Friday, December 11, 2009

YLP Day 1

  • YLP - Youth Leadership Program
I went with dread. I didn't want to go because I don't have friends there. After registering, I sat beside my gonna-be-friend! She talked to me.

"Hi. I'm Stephanie" "Hi, I'm Sarah" and we shook hands. New friend~ We talked and knew lots from each other. And then the program starts. *nervous!*

So Shel introduced herself and all the coordinators too! And then we had some kind of ice-breaking session. "Talk about your new friend". So we had to do some speech and talk about your new friend you made (mine is Stephanie, of course xD) and had to talk in front of everyone (26 other participants!). So everyone spoke and I spoke the 2nd last (Stephanie after me) and I was very very very nervous! I was practically clutching my paper and my hand shook! Oh, and everything you said is timed xD

Then we had a "Nominations of Election of Office Bearers.
1st session
  • President: Mahathir
  • Vice President: Christopher
  • Secretary: Yi Ling
  • SAA: Dennis
2nd session
  • President: Hann Lam (OMG, he's amazing!)
  • Vice President: Joshua
  • Secretary: Remitra
  • SAA: Navdeep
And then we had "The 10 Elements of a Good Speech" lesson by Parames and had I forgot what's her name!! a guest speaker to demo how to do an Ice Breaker speech. She started with "A star was born on ___(her birthday)___ and the star was me" :D Amazing? And then a coordinator maaaaan.. I forgot who!! to evaluate on her speech.

After that, we break into our groups. My group was group 4, coodinated by Allan. We had Table Topics, aka Impromptu Speaking. OMG, I don't like Table Topics because they give you a title and you have to talk about it, like IMMEDIATELY. And mine was "My School". OK, super random. I couldn't find my words and I just mainly blabber everything that came across my mind 8O. After that, we prepared for our Ice Breaker speech~

Lunch............ It wasn't good.......... T-T

We came back and deliver our speech in our group~ I did OK, but Christopher's was best! Titled: One Word :D So in the end, he was chosen to be our group's representative xD

Then we had a break, and came back for a presentation on Organise Your Speech and then we broke up into our groups to discuss on what to talk in our Organise Your Speech speech for the next day xD


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