Saturday, December 12, 2009

YLP Day 2

Didn't really want to go because I didn't want to speak in front of everybody about my SUSHI making experience xP

Reached there at 8.30am, found my name tag and sat at my place (beside Kar-Mun :D). Then Dennis called the program to order and Stephanie didn't show up today! T.T Christopher gave an invocation, about 3 hikers and a genie? Yeah, and the random "SHIT!" word xD Then Yi Ling (secretary) talked about her report.

Then we started, and Shel tell us how to evaluate people and then we had a "Lucky Draw" to draw our order of speaking o.o I got 18~ which means the second batch :D And I was to evaluate on Kar-Yan's speech about "Money Cannot Buy Happiness". So 15 participants spoke, and then we had a tea break and then when we come back, we had a "Presentation on Body Language & Gestures" by Valli~ It was a fun presentation, loads of body languages and gestures!

After the presentation, we had to evaluate on the previous speakers' speech! Of course I evaluate on Kar-Yan's and YESH, I still shook like hell because I was still very nervous! And then we the second batch had to deliver our speech and Kar-Mun is to evaluate on me :D I know I didn't do well on my sushi making >.>

And then we had a DVD presentation of world-level toastmasters. Yesh, they're cho subarashi! (Very amazing!) They had massive body languages, massive expressions, massive vocal variety and massive interesting points! Oh, and massive humour =X

It was better! Yesh, mecha oishii~

Came back and broke into our groups, and today my groups coordinators are Shel and Ravinder :D So we had to talk about our speech again (mine was the sushi making one~) with more hand gestures. And obviously, after my first speech, I didn't want to remember that speech anymore, so I missed out a lot, and spoke with hand gestures and body language, and I didn't reach the time limit D8

Then we had Table Topics, the one that I dislike. So Shel passed to Hann Lam to conduct the program. Hann Lam started with "WHO HERE WANTS TO SUCCEED TOMORROW PLEASE STAND UP!!" and a few stood up, excluding me :D Seeing this, he went on one by one, spoke into the face of each person. "DO YOU WANT TO SUCCEED?! DO YOU?! ARE YOU SURE?! IF YOU WANT, STAND UP!" He went on and on and finally he came to me. He spoke that way, and I gave him a confused look. "DO YOU?!" Peer pressure xP I nodded and stood up. Then after he went to each and every participant, he gave a shocking announcement. "Those you stood up (aka who wanna succeed) will have to do Table Topics!" and I went all "EEEHH??!!" and normal reflexes, I sat down. Fortunately, Shel said, "let those who are sitting down do it, since they do not want to succeed" and natural reflexes, I shot back up XD So he randomly went to those who were sitting down and handed them a bowl of folded papers which contains their Table Topics title. Then suddenly, I forgot who, but its a coordinator said "Let those who wanna succeed have a chance!" TADA, my nightmare. Hann Lam came to me and I declined. "Nonononononono, I don't waaaaaant!!" "Take laa....." "Nonononononono!!!!" and I back away =3 Yesh, this is not a spirit of a speaker, if you wanna be a speaker, don't do what I did because I only realised my mistake after that =( So, everyone spoke and coordinators evaluate.

Then home :D

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