Sunday, December 13, 2009

YLP Day 3


Last night didn't know what to speak for my contest speech >.> And luckily mummy gave me an idea xD Reached there at 8am ++..

Navdeep called the program to order~ and Joshua gave his invocation to all the sleepy heads xD It was about the race of hare and tortoise, except this time the hare didn't stop, and the tortoise thought that the hare will, so the tortoise didn't give his best shot! Lesson? I forgot, but you tell me xD Remitra gave her report and then the day starts when we break into our groups to deliver our contest speech (just to improve things!) and I haven't even thoroughly read my speech because it was a last minute one >.> I talked and talked and my group coordinators really did helped me a lot, gave me new ideas for my gestures and vocal varieties!

Tea break.

Then we came back and saw the list! Our speaking order. I'm number 4!! And I was actually hoping to be the 2nd batch (14 1st batch, others 2nd batch) but I was 4th, so 1st batch! Jeeeez, nervous xD I was constantly complaining, some were amazed, some weren't happy with their order. Ryan asked me "Sarah, can we exchange our places? You know, i'm so young, if I speak after Andrew, the judge will kesian me and give me more marks" and I gave him the look. "What is your number?" "22" "NONONONO, that's too late.. Sorry!" xD Lame excuse!

So we break into our groups again and talked again, hoping to sharpen things up to a level of perfection! :D

Not as good as Day 2~!

OK, OH NO. Competition time!

But first, testing out the microphone. The portable one, clip onto your collar and put that machine into your pocket.. So tested and tested and called Christopher to test too.. His testing speech was LOL! xD

Navdeep called the program to order, then invited Shel to speak.. She spoke, and spoke, and spoke and she suddenly got emotional.... T-T And then LET THE COMPETITION BEGIN! Invited the contest chair, Ahmad and he called the participants one by one..

Chris talked about hair. Interesting! *doki doki* Dennis talked about alternate source of energy. *doki doki* Yi Ling talked about ways to reduce stress. *doki doki* I was stressed, because after her would be me! There was one part of her speech where she called everyone to stand up and take deep breaths to reduce stress. So I took some deep breaths to reduce my stress, but ended up getting dizzy xD


I went on stage. "Good afternoon contest chair *stutters* and je-bwuh-members of the floor" and then I continued on my speech. I spoke with gestures, vocal varieties and I also whispered my "secret" to the audience. And then, I forgot my last and most important line, which conveys my real message of my speech. I stood on the stage and stayed silent for about 2 seconds, staring on the ceiling. It was like forever and I couldn't get that line out!! So immediately I forced out a not very formal thank you and quickly scurried off the stage Dx

After 12 participants (not 14!) we had a tea break. Mummy said I did well, some congratulated me for speaking. And I went and find my friends who were mostly on the second half of the contest. I gave them some not really helpful advices though xD

Navdeep called the program to order and we continued on the competition! After all the speakers has finished, it was the "judgment" time!

Most improved speaker went to Min Jie whose speech title is "I Want A Pet". Best speaker went to Hann Lam whose speech title was "We". 2nd runner up was the semi Arashi-fangirl, Kar-Mun who spoke about "3 ways to be healthy", 1st runner up went to add-maths and physics lover Christopher who talked about hair (as mentioned above) and obviously, best speaker = champion, Hann Lam :D Yes, great job winners! And no, those who didn't win are not losers. No one say we lost, right? :)

Then parents gave their speech instead, talking about this program, how well it went. Barry also talked. Shel was so touched and moved, she cried. I felt like crying too, but I seriously held back my tears. LIKE SERIOUSLY. The program was gonna end, and we were gonna part from each other whom we grew so close during those 3 days! It was a very moving scene, I say. Then, the program ended. We all said goodbye to each other, giving hugs and smiles. Jo-ann suggested to take a picture of us.

OK, I'm emotional now.. HAD SO MUCH FUN! I love you guys, hope to see you all soon :)

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