Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yeeeees. A nightmare, after who knows how long. This would be my second nightmare. I had a nightmare on, you'd ask?


Oh, wow. But don't worry, I'm not phobic of Add Mads yet. YET. LOLOLOL *imitates Joe*

It happened like this. I think I was thinking too much about the Add Mads project? D:

I was in school, classmates were busy copying and completing their Add Mads project for the last minute, doing touch-ups. I instead, just only finished the calculations part, so I'm left to loads of stuffs, aka introduction, acknowledgment, objectives, conclusion, task specification, reflection and reference. Oh, not to forget the cover. =.=

So I was rushing, and rushing my way, copying from friends. I don't know why, I kept borrowing one and returning one and borrowed another one and returned and this continues. As I was borrowing and returning, my friends who had theirs (because I borrowed and returned) started passing theirs' up. Then I returned one to this friend A and wanted to borrow from friend B but I previously borrowed from friend B and returned it to her so she thought that I didn't need it anymore so she passed it up. I panicked and quickly went back for friend A but she passed it up too! Quickly, I looked for friend C (whom I also previously borrowed and returned) and she also passed up hers. Then, teacher announced, "those who don't pass up now, I will not accept it anymore."

I started panicked. BIG TIME. I think in my dream I was practically frowning with a drooped lips. OK. Now I'm dead, I thought.

Then I awoke. 5:15am. With that frown and drooped lips. Haha. Nightmare. Woots. And I went back to sleep again. LOL. The end... Now I shall continue on my Add Mads project. ^^d


Nguyệt Phong Anh said...

Haha! This entry is so fun.

You want to be like JOE heh? Wanna make people laugh out loud?

Miki said...

LOL. Yush, he's such a clown XD