Saturday, June 26, 2010


I'm currently bored. So to update what's left!

1. I had exams, and I got back most of my exam results. The NASTIEST of all, Sejarah aka History paper. I got an E. No~ I'm not saying I'm proud of it orz. I must work harder for this subject, I can never get an A for it (besides PMR, when I don't even know if that's for real LOL).

2. I had a 2 week holiday. I went out with friends, I stayed rotten at home fangirling full time, I practically procrastinated! XD Went to Taylor's College for CLIOD Program with school friends, went to Summit with centre friends and went to Sunway Pyramid with school friends + long lost friend! :DD

3. My latest addiction, which can be seen in the previous 2 posts: INOUE JOE~ When I first met Mukai-sama, I was practically motivated to learn Japanese (to read his blog post!) and now, Joe has BLOG and TWITTER. I am so eager to learn Japanese NOW. XD

4. I wanna learn Spanish too. The main reason was because Joe sang a line in Spanish in his song, "Hello!". Second, it was fun listening to Buzz Lightyear speaking Spanish in Toy Story 3. LOLOL. "Senorita~!" XD

5. I DID THE SENIOR PAGE WITH MOM (Syeefa)! We finished it in just... Half a day. XD Not even a whole day. It was Thursday, we went to school to celebrate Teacher's Day. Then we sieeeeen, when teachers have fun, so we hung-out at canteen to do Add Maths Project. We got stuck at a question so I decided to discuss about Senior Page instead. SASUGA, coming from a creative person. We took... Not more than 3 hours to think what to do for our senior page. LOL. And that's only for ideas. I went back home, finished everything I needed and on the computer, Photoshop and started finding for bahan mentah (raw items) LOL. The cork board background, the thumbtack brushes (which I failed at finding, sheets) and stuffs. Then I had to organize the pictures... I was practically squeezing my brain juice to enhance all my skills on the senior page. XD I kept SMS-ing Syeefa, calling her to come online because I lacked pictures and... Ideas. I had skills though~ /killed. So I did... and did... and did.. and did... and finally that woman online. LOLZ. We crammed our brain once more for quotes, which picture to use, captions! /sighs. Then finally we were done, and that was around 11.50pm. GOSH, I sat in front of the computer for more than 10 hours, just to do 2 pages of something XD But yeah, I'm very satisfied of the outcome. /boasts! XDDDD

Bwahahahaha~ XD

6. OK, I think I'm done. I'm practically squeezing my brain juice trying to remember everything that happened. (maybe except for Joe and Mukai. XD)

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