Monday, July 5, 2010

Book Exhibition in School.

Today, my school had a book exhibition! It'll last until Wednesday~

I saw a book called "Diari Sarah" which translates "Sarah's Diary"! ♥

Plus, the BEST point about the book is, its a diary, and....


First, I showed it to Kelly whom commented...
Kelly: “好像是为你而设的!” (Its like specially design for you!)
Me: “是咯!” (Yes!)

Then, I showed it to a number of my friends, who knew of my obsession for ladybugs. XD

I found another book that has the name "Sarah" on it.
「Sarah dan Duit Raya」(Sarah and New Year Money)
Then I showed to this guy friend of mine.
Me: “xx,你看!” *shows Duit Raya book* (xx, see!)
xx: “哇。。。” (Wow...)
Me: “还有,你看!” *shows diary* (There is more, see!)
xx: “哇,酱多书你的名字的~” (Wow, so many books got your name~)
Me: “型叻~” (How awesome~)

♥ Love my name even more. And I'm aiming to get that diary tomorrow! Yoshaaaaaa~ XD

I WATCHED JOE ON J-MELO TODAY. *flails for the nth time*

There were 4 guests (1 is a group so I count as one OK?! XD). They all can speak English! Woo~ And to be really, really honest, Joe spoke the BEST english!

Then he was the first guest HAHAHA. Just got on in time to see him ♥ They showed his PV, Kaze no Gotoku! ^^d (if not mistaken, but it must be the PV because it can't be anything else right? XD)

I MUST SAY. THE PV IS AWESOME! Although they didn't show the full PV (I doubt, they showed around 2-3 minutes, but if its full, then I'm a bit into oblivion, therefore. XD)

The PV has Joe playing the electric guitar/bass (I can't differentiate in that small screen I was looking at orz) in a red car, of course its roofless! XD The colours are mostly black and red. :D AND JOE IS THE MOST YENG PERSON. ♥A♥

And I really need to stop flailing. The show ended about 1 hours plus ago and I'm still spazzing over that PV. XD

[edit; 6/7, 12.10am]: I WATCHED J-MELO AGAIN. The PV had a lot of very close shots of Joe! Amagad, he looked so damn squishy~ Hee hee! *giggles* High at night is unhealthy.

JUMP no. 1! If you had listened to it, did you realise that "Thank you ~僕たちから君へ~" has a compiled messages section from all members? :D It has been translated (I am lazy to find, this was what my friend tagged me in :3) into Chinese! ^^

[spoiler]TAKAKI SAID "I LOVE YOU" IN CHINESE WOOO~ ♥ And I was eating while listening to that, I choked when it was Okamoto's turn because he started with a "Hey" which startled me~ XD And Daiki is such an attention whore, he must, MUST claim that he did the music arrangement for "Time"! XD No, I don't hate him, he's my Ichiban-kun yo! Its just that he's so cute doing that hahahah xD[/spoiler] *highlight missing parts to view


JAM lover ♥


Nguyệt Phong Anh said...

Blah blah blah. I'm in cutting process for only JOE part in this show. It has not a good quality but still better than nothing at all. Will come on .♥ Kingdom of Joe ♥. soon.

Agree that I wanna bite Joe when watching Kaze no Gotoku's PV [XD]. Joe is "so sexy".

Miki said...

OH YEY! You recorded it?! Wooosh! I can't wait to download it :3