Sunday, July 4, 2010

My? Mines Resort!



So I went to The Mines Wonderland Resorts today with family~

To be honest, I'm lazy to type out what that has not a picture, so I shall just caption pictures~ Hee hee!

Versi tanpa flash*. (Without flash version XD)

Too cute. I WANTS orz.

Ladybug shades! WANTS!

Then, after lunch blah blah and we passed by Big Apple when some mini cute donuts caught my attention. Then when I see the name, I saw Japanese names and "Naruto" (which got me a bit hyped up!) Its actually a Donashi, Donut + Sushi. 8D


So, its from Big Apple, what do you see, huh?

Peek~ You see chopsticks? And Donashi is there~!

DONASHI DESHITA. I mean, Donashi desu. XD

The case in the middle is filled with chocolate sauce, which is the impersonate of the real sushi "soy sauce" XD


Now, this is the Donashi that got me hyped up~ Do-Naruto! Its like the piece of thing found in ramen, deshou? :3

Do-Ikura~ Nyam! The round things are impersonate of "fish roe", but its actually just jelly! XD

Do-Ebiko. Hahaha! Prawn. XD

Do-Wasabi. SPICY! Just kidding ;p Its just green tea flavour! Hohoho~

Yesterday during dinner.

This fish has a lot of bones.

Look at the amount of fish bones! Can't really see? Lets view it from another angle!

Now you see? I proved you right. XD

Me: "I wanna take a picture of these fish bones."
Bro: *jumps off chair, wants to be taken a picture of*
Me: "Want to be the background?" :D
Bro: "Yah!"


Bro: "See!"
Me: *shows*
Bro: "Mummy~! You see! I eating ah!"


Mum: "This is the banana that you ate last time, which the flesh was very red."
Me: "Red?"
Mum: "Yeah."
Me: "Red? I don't remember eating red flesh banana, except red skin banana."
Mum: "Oh sorry, sorry. Its very yellow. My mistake."
Me: "Ahahahaha! I thought red!"

Yesh, usually the banana's flesh is quite fair, near to white. But this was seriously yellow~ XD

JAM lover ♥

1 comment:

kaka hyuuchiha said...

Hahahahaah.. Nice... Long time no see your bro.. Sure very pandai cakap edi XD
I ate Donashi too! Oiishi!
But hor, I got super angry and started crying cuz kakak didn't want to help me take things from the car and I was carrying lots of things and end up dropping and fumbling on things.
When I put my tuperware on the table, it was all cacat and destroyed! I cried. Like, literally.
Then I started eating and cursing.
But it was DELICIOUS.
I wanna eat again.
I hate the one with black biji one.. I don't noe what the hell is that biji. So I threw it away and ate only the donut and the cream XD