Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sleeping Beauty.

Maa maa~! I didn't have a blog post yesterday because: I overslept!

I was back home at 6.00pm after a really tiring but fun curricular activity. After bathing and eating, I went upstairs and slept at 8.00pm, reminded my mum to wake me up at 9.

At 9.00pm, she came and woke me up. I woke up, sat up straight, flopped back down onto my pillow and continued sleeping.

And the next thing I knew, its already 7.34am the next day. orz

Sooooo. This is a compiled post for today and yesterday. XD Not much, don't worry~
and no numberings XD

Some part of this is private and confidential, well not really, but its must not be viewable to the committee members of BSMM. (so if you wanna see 'em, please highlight text with borders "[spoiler]hidden text[/spoiler]" =D)

After school finished, I stayed back for co-curricular activities. 5B students had their own study group while I just joined in their class to hangout. *skip skip skip*

After the study group has ended, we packed everything and headed towards the school library. We used the librarians room and did some fangirlings inside with Velavan, Deborah, Samira, AhSam, and Idang.

Dong Bang Shin Ki. Of course... Its AhSam's fandom.

*ps: Co-curricular activities starts at 3.30pm.

[spoiler]Then it was 3.25pm when we all decided to go late for the co-curricular activities! We continued our laptop-business and then when it was around 4.10pm and the fangirling has ended, we only decided to get out of the room and head towards where the other members of BSMM are. On our way, we thought of excuses we gonna give them. I suggested that we had a workshop to go while AhSam made it sound more perfect. We passed the teacher's barrier. We passed the Chairperson's barrier. We're save in the group! Woo~ XD[/spoiler]

We joined in the activity that the BSMM members are doing: marching. DISLIKE! *skip skip skip*

Then near the ending of the meeting, we played a game called "Ice and Water". Before the game started, I kept on chanting 「we're just an illusion, no one can see us」with AhSam, hoping that no one will see us which was impossible and leave us alone.

Obviously it didn't work so we had to play...

Which all the girls were Ice and the boys were water.

And the field was sooo big, and we had to chase so many boys.

So I chased and all the other girls chased too.

I was constantly screaming 「I'm just an illusion, you cannot see me!」while approaching a guy, which obviously didn't work LOL~

Then, I was standing in the middle of the basketball court, exhausted from running, when a guy ran towards me. I quickly touched him and shouted 「ICE!」and jumped with joy. Hahaha.

「Wei!! Hey! I didn't see you!」
「I told ya, I'm just an illusion, you cannot see me!」

^^d and not to say I'm short! I'm a tall person yo!

So, the new tagline for the Awesome Sarah / Ultimate Miki: 「I'm just an illusion, you cannot see me!

*keep in mind, I'm a ninja in heart. A Chuunin. :D And that'll be my new jutsu LOLOL~

Kore kara mo, yoroshiku onegaishimasu! XD
(From now on, please support me!)

Also! I watched childbirth in school during Biology class! OMG, I TELL YOU~ Its worse than violent movies orz
We're fortunate that no one tried to peek into the Biology lab from outside and teacher didn't on the volume. OR ELSE! *spazzes*

Please appreciate your mum/mummy/mom/mommy/mother ♥

So I overslept.
So I forgot to watch Music Station last night, where Arashi was the guest! D:

ARASHI WO AISHITERU YO! They're awesome. This will be one of my favourite performance. I really like Love So Sweet and Everything


JAM lover ♥

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