Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some Info

Based on one of inouejoe_staff's Tweets (which I cannot find anymore, internet is misbehaving), Inoue Joe will be a guest in NACK5 on this Sunday, 18th July 2010.

The program is called ACCESS TO YOU.

Based on the Tweet, you can visit inouejoe.com for more details. (but I can't because of this =.=)

*personal request: If you are reading this, can you please kindly take a screenshot of the pages I'm unable to view and send them to me via email? lulz. Please and thanks. gg_gsclub@hotmail.com


Its a live performance in Shimokitazawa GARAGE, theme/name is "GOLD". The Tweet explains that the ticket sales through LAWSON is sold out. If you want to purchase tickets, you shall make a telephone reservation, e-mail reservation or e-buy (not sure about this LOLOL~ I think it means buying online) the tickets through the GARAGE store (?).

1st August 2010, INOUE JOE in Shimokitazawa GARAGE.

More info: Shimokitazawa GARAGE official site (which you can see Joe's face there XD)

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