Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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Today in school, we played basketball for PE! Woohoo~ I don't know how to play basketball so I was walking around the field with my few of my tall friends. xD

Then we suddenly got into the game! I was the defender of my team....

.... until a bee attacked me and I got a bit traumatic and I stopped playing. orz

Seriously, I don't wanna get involved with bees! D:

This day marks the end of the class debate for 5 Arif! It was fun :D

My debate was on yesterday, which was AWESOME! XD Mom was the government's rebutter(?) and Wei Sheng was the opposition's. Hilarious part is, the opposition team didn't even get our points correct and wanted to rebut ours. SHAME orz

One of the topics in yesterday's debate was "Internet does more harm than good". SaltyCow, Marmar and Ketu2 were the opposition team. Then, I wasn't really listening to the debate because... Haha, I don't like paying attention in class, apparently LOL! I "overheard" Marmar talking.

Marmar: "...... and talk to their favourite celebrities."
Me: "JOE!!!"
SaltyCow & Marmar: *smiles at me*

Yeeeees, I was literally near to screaming in the middle of the debate, but I bet my "whisper" of JOE!!! was quite loud for the class to hear. Hee hee~ ♥

Mukai Osamu
IT IS NOT TRUE~ What I stated in this post, it is not true!

Apparently, its just that he's got a new drama role~ ♥ Congratulations Mukai-sama! Omedetou XD

His new drama name is "Gou ~Himetachi no Sengoku~ : )
From NHK
From mukai_osamu @ LJ (translated)

Pictures from NHK site!
I was searching for the program list for NHK and I saw this...
(click for large view)

Clicked on it. Waaa, Mukai-sama kakkoii~ ♥
(click for larger view)

TODAY IS TANABATA! What is Tanabata?

7th July. Today, Arashi releases their single,「To be Free」and Hey! Say! JUMP releases their album,「JUMP no. 1」:D + Oh-niichan releases Yukai Tsukai xD

Today's sales desuyo!

*1 Hey!Say!JUMP- 63,581
*2 水樹奈々 (Mizuki Nana)- 36,292
*3  TUBE- 11,827

*1 嵐 (Arashi) - 179,779
*2 怪物くん (Kaibutsu Kun-Ohno Satoshi)- 59,065
*3  SKE48- 35,267

Source: Oricon


Reaaaaally need to catch up on homework now. orz

JAM lover ♥

*I would really like to flail about Joe but... That "many" fandoms up there is already really tiring. xD
**Mukai-sama is my biggest fandom, hence the most mental draining one ohoho ♥

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Nguyệt Phong Anh said...

Strongly like this entry XD ~ JOE part :)).

And about Mukai's "Gou", I remembered I already read that news few days ago :|. But... I'm totally in care to JOE this time so no other ikemens can disturb :)) (I mean, can make me worry about)