Wednesday, June 15, 2011

there's too much fun to handle

Today's homework, still in progress.

Form 6: So Far So Good. Kinda starting to feel the pressure, especially when you have teachers that require perfection from you, not to say that any of the teachers in the world expect half-assed works.

Had 5 periods worth of Maths class from Miss Goh today, make that plus-minus 3 hours. It was fun, I lacked sleep. But Maths has always been my passion since I was 8, so no harm done.

General Knowledge is always an interesting class to go on. Believe me, Mr. Kang never run out of moist things to talk about. The opposite of moist is dry, which is our syllabus; so moist is the pepper, salt or seasoning to what boring stuffs we're learning. No misleading context here, kay, kids.

Chemistry... It is energy-consuming. Everytime I start doing Chemistry, I am bound to start sleeping. Ok, that only happens at home. I love studying Chemistry. Hahaha. Pn. Looi is the boss. On an off-topic side note, she's a member in our class' Facebook page. I still remember the riot caused by my classmates when she reminded us about teacher's presence.

Biology is speeding its way. Its so much more detailed compared to form 4 and form 5. Currently still trying to recall what I learnt for SPM and relating them with this. Pn. Daisy always brings interesting stuffs to class; once she brought food and yesterday she brought newspaper cuttings. Now, this is the seasoning of Biology class.

I don't know if everyone dread this class, but I do, badly. MUET. Although I have attended the YLP and is geared with public speaking skills, I have yet to have the spirit of a speaker to speak in front of the class. First day of her class; homework and we had to prepare a 2 minute speech. She said its impromptu (in other words, Table Topic) but she gave us time to prepare. How nice eh, Pn. Phung! She's a good teacher. I have not yet spoken. So wait for it, mates.

Thumbs up, you had 5 periods of maths today. Science students are tough!

-- Miss Goh, 6 Elok's Maths teacher

I shall now continue on my Maths and later Biology homework. Ciao. See you again.

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