Friday, June 17, 2011

【hey, popular】 vs 【who are you?】

Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.

Colossians 4:6, NIV
The bible teaching us how to be good communicators, which is the main key to being popular, in my opinion.

In conjunction with this post (yes, there is a relation to it, let me get to it later), I have received my "prefect on probation" name tag today! Now, I don't need to look awfully "unconvincable" and feel awkward when telling the student to go line up/back to class. They have been looking at me up and down these days as I worked as a probate-prefect.

oh hai thar.

"Who is this form 6 student, trying to chase me away!" They must have been thinking that while eye-ing me with the look.

The first few days I entered the new school, I told Carmen I was joining the prefectorial board + choir + scouts. She instinctively told me that those are what the popular people join. Being an Asian country, it is not much a culture to have groups like those we see in Western shows, eg. HSM, appearing in our high school. But, I think, SMK Seafield has this thing. They have this really weird culture that is changing me, I'm really scared, I told Carmen.

So, yes. Maybe there's no nerd herd or jocks or jerks, but they do have the #1 popular people, #2 popular people thingy going around. According to Carmen who briefed me about the "social system" in that school, the most popular people are not necessarily the prefects (in this case, Star being one of the #1 PP in the school, KP being the #2 PP, for example).

My cousin's bday present from me, haven't returned to her yet :/

How to be popular? Be friendly, be good with conversations, be awesome at something, have talent, look good, BE CONFIDENT. Now, you notice why most popular people are just stunningly attractive, because they're confident on how they look.

Do I wanna be popular? If so, I've got lots to keep up with eh.

I wonder how is it written in the dict.

By the way, I quit choir in the end, had no more money.

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