Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan...

USJ 8? No, Seafield.

Monday mornings, students have to cite the Rukun Negara and the students' swear. Been a student of SMK USJ 8 for 5 years, I'm so used to saying "USJ 8" after "Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan" during the citals. Gotta start going all Seafield now.

Seafield's this really new environment to me. Its not the school you go to everyday just expecting lectures from teachers, tonnes of homework to bring home or to waste time when no one's in class; its the school I go to everyday, expecting something interesting to happen. Be it just a talk from the discipline teacher(s) about the same thing everyday, or a motivational talk from people, or a teacher leaving the school, or a celebrity filming for something (and I hyper-ly screamed).

Kah Fai and I.

So actually, the point is... I met Juztin Kah Fai. I met Elfira Loy. I met Datuk David Arumugam. I met... Um, lemme think, but I didn't meet the Timbalan Menteri Pendidikan lah. Isokayiscool. Seafield's really active in competitions too (choir, choral speaking, cheerleading......). Let's just say, this school's really out and about; unlike U8 where everyone is really like a big fat family staying close together wherever we are~ ;p

The early day of carnival.

Experienced my first Seafield carnival (alongside meeting Kah Fai). It wasn't the best (felt sien until I just kept walking and walking in circles) but it wasn't the worst. I did enjoy myself! Screamed for customers till my voice nearly crack. All worth, all worth.

Msia vs Chelsea 2011

Ticket sponsored by Astro, they gave 1300 pairs to our school, fun eh fun eh. It was my first live football match ever, I was so happy hyper! Mixed emotions after the match though; whether to be glad I survived throughout the whole first-ever-football-match, or to be pissed off that Malaysia couldn't score [even though, GAH SO MANY CHANCES], or to be all emo-because-the-match-was-boring. 7 of us even got lost in the stadium. Hurhurhur, really need to improve on my sense of direction.

Wise, for the low self-esteem.

My first ever exams in Seafield, next week, 3rd August onwards. Time to score well, Sarah. Just today morning, the head prefect told us that the teacher who deals with us actually monitors on our report cards. Not sure what'll happen if we don't do well in studies. but still, I'm aiming for the best. Need the willpower I used to have during PMR, the days when I was just a pure Naruto fan, untainted by the awesomeness of Arashi and its peers. Oh well, life is more challenging now.

Durian, can't get enough...!

Pretty sure its the durian season now, but wondering how did it also become the love season. Couples around me everywhere (in school). Yeah, I can't help but sin when I feel jealous. Hehe! May the Lord forgive me, the weak-hearted.

Good night, world.

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