Friday, August 5, 2011

Teenage dream!


5th August, Friday, the last day of our first monthly exams; my very first test in Seafield. I didn't study really hard, but I think I worked a lot till I felt really stressed at times.

After exams, I felt extraordinarily tired, exhausted, wasted. I thought to myself, "Aren't you supposed to be excited, Sarah? The exams done!" but all I did was shuffle my feet against the cement ground, walked away from the elite block and complained to my afternoon session friends on how much I sucked.

"You're having your monthly visit, that's why," my inner-self reasoned. Sometimes, I hope I'm more of my inner-self: wise, intellectual, analytical. My outer-self's just this playful typical teenage girl.

Anyway, my hair stinks of smoke now.

So I cannot expect much from this exams since I didn't study hard. Although I studied quite hardcore for maths, I'm despairingly sure I cannot get perfect score this time; my brain detached it's neurons all of that sudden. General knowledge (Pengajian Am) is definitely one of my worst paper this term, alongside Biology. Got my score for Chemistry: 20 out of 30. Well enough? Yeah, from someone who didn't really study.

Actually, I've been consoling myself; I've been studying. Haha. The only subjects I didn't study properly for are MUET, PA and Biology. But whatever.

"It means, you have more space of improvement for the next term! People would be awed by how much you improved," I told my friend today. Lynn told me this is self-consoling, but I've been hearing this line for quite some time, maybe everyone were consoling themselves as well!

Nevermind that. I'll sleep nao, good night and let's pray for the best. :)

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