Tuesday, November 8, 2011

think out of the box, will you please?

I am meant to be a lone ranger, trashing my feet against the fallen dry leaves, in search of something that will never be mine. Even if the search turns out successfully, I will never own it personally, nor will it stay by my side forever.

The bird would want its freedom, the insect would want its freedom, not forgetting the plant would want its freedom. Everything has its own wants and needs, and its not you to determine it mindlessly.

People need friends, why yes, I will not disagree with that. But what if one does not have friends? What if a person like me were to survive on this planet earth? Would I be eliminated from society, the weakling of an intraspecific competition?


Need to start using big words already, but my vocabulary is... meh, not expanding in the way I want it to! I shall improve my way of studying.

Let's just say I am the most boring person you've ever met. I never think of alternatives; I follow by instructions and manuals blindly. You might say that I am just a law-abiding citizen in other words, but really, I am just so lazy.

I... complain a lot but I don't take practical methods to counter my badness. Just like what I am doing now! The irony.

I am the most cold-blooded person you'll meet.
Sadly, I don't write inspirational stuffs.


OH YES! I survived a week of exams, but the real deal's not here yet. Wait for it gaiz.

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