Friday, February 17, 2012

shhh :)

everything in the world became instant
rushing, hurrying
everyone is chasing time
time is chasing everything

counting the hours of sleep you can get
before laying to a regeneration
planning on how long to eat
or mashing up all in one go

fast food, fast as it is
munch munch on the way
this reminds me, i have to write an essay about these
oh well, shrugging my shoulders

suddenly everyone became so good at multitasking
everyone seems to be in control of time
but that's when stress comes in
when everything gets out of our grasp

do you stop to look at things around you?
do you realise people moving at the same pace like you?
do you reflect on what you've done for the day?
do you simply just go along to the unexciting rhythm of life?

nah, i'm not trying to tell you
"find excitement in life!"
no one can party everyday
especially me, i hate going out

but what if you slow down
start listening to the sounds around you
damn, you might realise it's noisy
shhhhh! quiet down please

:) the quiet place

i admit i have been inventing
creating unnecessary stress for myself
something like valentine's
when i didn't get a present from him :(

sometimes thinking too much is depressing
because normal beings see the bad sides of things
i often have to look back at my sweet past
to numb my current state of distress

okay, back to maths and story-writing
thank you blog, my place of letting out
i hope you, reader
find this post the least depressing

hehehe, but helpful in one way or another!

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