Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mad Scientists

S'been a while since I wrote on this blog. I had random language block in which I don't feel in the mood to think of words. Yep, my mind totally stops having that voice in the head.

A lot has happened. Let's see; I'm an upper six student now and it's the real deal, STPM results for Seafield wasn't satisfying for Pn. Chong, the worst prefect installation (offence intended, sorry), piles and piles of homework.

Arashi colours!
It was the Science and Maths Week Exhibition in SMK Seafield! My group did "Silver Crystals". It's basically just the displacement of metals, in this case, copper displaces silver in the silver nitrate solution.

It is amazingly shiny,
This is an example. Expensive stuffs yo, silver. Told the lab assistant I wanted 4 giant bottles of silver nitrate, she rejected at first. Went back home and thought, why not, psychologically, ya know, people like to hear things that comfort them. In the end, I went back to them, "Kak, I want 2 litres, but we will use as little as possible lah." Got it. Even for the gloves, I asked for a whole box but promised to return any extra.

Our set up. We had students from Form 2 to Form 6 (we skipped duty for Form 1 today, lazy). The higher forms were easier to explain and they don't ask impossible questions. "Why got silver?" "Why it happens?" "Why can like that one?" "Why?" I understand the curiosity of kids. Some gave us the whoa expression, which I find it really satisfying. A group of kids were supportive enough to keep "sandpaper-ing" the copper wires to get their perfectly silver-coated shapes.

Sarah Hannah! :)
I made a few new friends in this exhibition. The group sharing the lab table with mine did Tic-Tac-Toe and was guarded by the famous swimmer in the school, Chan Jie (in which I like to call him San-Jay, heh) and Yang (who keeps scolding me, wth). Then there were these 2 form 1 guys who were "bad in maths" and were amazed by the colour changing cabbage thingy. Also, this group of form 3s (picture above!), they are a bunch of nuisance!!! And of course, Sarah Hannah who says I'm very nice. :) And of course a few other kids... Kids, yeah, what to do, Upper Sixes are the eldest among the students.

And there were many other interesting experiments! Hot Ice by Aik Hean's group, Colour Changing Message by Yen Chee's group, DNA extraction by Sylvia and Rachel's group, Purple Cabbage by Stephanie's group, Dancing Gummy Bears (which is just glowing and burning gummy bears), Corn Starch, Burning Money (then they started burning hand with cloth heh), beating egg white, bicycle generated blender, Foamy Fountain, Smoke Grenade (=__=), Lava Lamp etc.!

If you are interested, I took a couple of photos for myself (the memories yaaaaw) and you can see it! Just click on this link, and you can enjoy the awesomeness of science and maths (uhhhh, yeah).

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