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AFA:MY Day 2 [Festival Part]

Anime Festival Asia: Malaysia 2012, Day 2 report (2 part) Part 1 of 2
(I'm late, sorry ^^" I actually already done with my draft 2 weeks ago, but Blogger decided to screw it up for the concert part, so I had to reorganize one week of thoughts and memories and it took 2 weeks hahaha, but here it is! My share of AFAMY~)

I arrived at PWTC at around 10.30am, knowing well I'd be missing KANAME☆ and felt a bit guilty for promising Ah Sam to take pictures of him. Then, claimed my wristband and glowstick.

Had to walk along a long overhead bridge to reach to the other side of the hall where the event took place.

There were these boards hanging above us about the artistes and activities (eg. Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe and Atelier Royale Butler Cafe). Weirdly enough, there were no more Kalafina boards (I think there are 2 each). Later learnt from Hui Huan that fans already took them down during the night before after the concert.

I headed inside the hall and searched frantically for the FLOW album they posted at their twitter the night before. Of course, I found it! Bought it and was very contented already.

After that, we walked around for a short while and ended up queuing at the line in front of the butler cafe, Atelier Royale. Waiting for about an hour, we were a table of customers away when the lady boss started saying something to the girls in front of us and they started squealing. Seems that they want to film something of KANAME☆ and we are supposed to be the background screaming fangirls. OK, cool, no problem actually hahaha. So KANAME☆ appeared and ahhhh, before the lady boss could give us a signal to start squealing, everyone screamed.

Well, not me, of course, I was saving it for FLOW. So she had to quiet us down and said squeal only when the signal is shown. Cool, enough, everyone quieten down. So they started filming and the signal came up.

"KYAAAA!" the few girls beside me screamed. Oh, where were all the others who were so hyper in the beginning? So we had to film another time. This time I contributed a bit of my voice or it'll never end, haha. So cool enough, we are done, KANAME☆ stood on top of a chair to wave and gave us fanservice. I held out my hand as well, and he high-fived it, twice! He then went in the butler cafe, for what, I do not know. We also had the chance of going in while KANAME☆ was still there. Ordered kare- rice! Actually it's not bad, but too salty and RM25 for one plate of that rice, not even fulfilling! Well, it's alright. It's all about the experience.

It was good :9

Our butler was Shin.
Our awkward butler heh.
It was okay, I mean, yes, he does look good in a cute way heh. But he was super gentle and addition to all the epic dubbing going on at the Animax Asia booth, I could barely hear him!
Atelier Royale Butler Cafe review
+ Gentlemen, of course! Shin pulled my chair for me to sit when I went in. Endlessly whispered to myself all the way to my table, "pull my chair, pull my chair!' Fangirled a bit on the inside. 
+ SHIN IS SO GENTLE. He's super gentle lah, what can I say? He talks so soft. He stirred my friends' sugared + creamed coffee so gently. If it were me, I'll just simply mix and done. Made me feel super manly compared to him. (not sure if this is a plus point or minus point XD) 
+ Nice service! The other butlers, although weren't the one assigned to us, would come to our table and talk to us (Haru and Ren :3). However, I was super shy and Xyana was the one who ended up doing all the talking and giving comments, while I just munched down on my kare- rice. 
+ I didn't order the cakes (was hungry and cakes weren't too worth it, RM20 for a slice that I can buy outside for RM5) but I saw pictures that the butler will use chocolate sauce to draw whatever you request them to draw! CUTE. :)
- Shin didn't smile. Maybe it was his first time and he was nervous. He placed Xyana's fork and spoon upside down :( 
- No variety of butlers. The butlers in Atelier Royale were only on the gentlemen, leng zai approach. I'd prefer if they had something like Ouran High School Host Club; the quiet cool, the exaggerating airhead, the hyper cute, the troublemaker... etc. I do not know how butler cafes are generally (never been to one before). But of course, my first wasn't bad! 
- THE KARE- RICE WAS TOO SALTY. By the way, heard from my friend it was pre-cooked as PWTC didn't let them cook food inside the hall. No wonder there were no Omurice and Pasta on that day. Sad max! Haha, and I forgot which butler was it that Xyana complained to about the salty kare- rice, he told us, "Yesterday, the customers complained it was too salty, so we changed the recipe for today. The customers in the morning said it was okay, and now, it's salty again. *silence while thinking*" Hahaha, okay, what kind of approach is that?
All in all, I give a rating of 4/5 (satisfying good!) for my first and fresh experience of butler cafe! :) Also for the leng zais. Kenta and Hiroshi look good. ;p And sadly enough, both of them didn't come to my table.

Went to the toilet and after that entered the main stage hall to see FLOW's appearance because I can take photographs during this session! When I went in, the previous session of Production I.G Talkshow with Mitsuhisa Ishikawa was still going on. So I sat down (on the ground, behinds the plastic chairs) and join in the fun and watched a bit of it. They looked cool, those upcoming animes, especially BLOOD C. Not long later (at around 1.30pm) the session ended. Most of us charged forward, with our cameras ready, waiting for the Anisong artists to appear. The hosts came back out and we were anxious!

They announced that it's time for the stage appearance. FANGIRL MAX. First up, it was Sea☆A and then KOTOKO. Of course, FLOW did appear next. Ahhhh, spammed my poor little camera with those 5 awesome dudes! Set it to burst infinity and I just held down on my shutter full time. Goto-chan had the weirdest facial expressions. Each artist introduced themselves and talked a little about their experience in Malaysia. When it came to FLOW's turn, I recorded a tad bit late but it was still clear and good! Their appearance wasn't long, at about 10-20 minutes and they went backstage.


I stayed in the event hall as I was also interested in the cosplay competition.

They are siblings yaw.
Very interesting performance!
There were 3 group cosplayers and the first was the Kuroshitusji duo! Very interesting sketch and theirs were actually the easiest to portray, in my opinion, since the characters had distinctive personality, it'll not be mistaken as bad acting if the person's original personality had some similarity. However, they did it really well, into character even after their sketch and when the judges talked to them. Brava :D The runner-up was the Rozen Maiden duo (I can't comment on this because I didn't watch the anime) and the third was Naruto duo.

After that, they had the solo cosplayer competition and the cosplayers were chosen specially among the crowd by KANAME☆ and SP Cats.
Handsome and pretty people. Heh.
KANAME, SP Cats Tasha, SP Cats Miyuko, Ayase
This would be the first time that day I saw the SP Cats. Man, Miyuko is like super pretty! Her face is so cute and doll-like. Anyway, the costumes done by the 6 solo cosplayers were good, especially that weird robot-like thing (sorry, I don't know where he's from) which required the staff to help carry his staff. Haha (bad joke). Also, fangirled a bit on Danny Choo's english. I like the British accent so much, I ended up paying more attention to what he was saying that what he was saying that related to the event going on. "Lovely, lovely, lovely." my favourite phrase.

After the competition ended, the main stage hall was closed for preparation of the concert later. Came back into festival hall. So I walked around some more, went back to the AFA Shop I went earlier to ask for FLOW's Black & White Tour T-shirt (which was a freaking RM129 and I won't wear it so neehh) and bought a wristband instead (costs RM41). That was quite worth it I'd say, since I'm able to wear it out and about as a hand accessory! Then, I saw a group of girls that wore coloured leggings and thought, "those seemed familiar!" and realised that Sea☆A was walking past me to have a handshake event! Then, I started waving like mad at them, and one of them waved back! I think it was Wynnie.

Then Xyana and her brother wanted to leave already. Accompanied them to the bridge and took off one of those hanging boards. Yes, I took off the FLOW one. Only one of it and I'm sure some people saw the tall me pulling it down. Heh. Wonder who took the other one!

So I asked Xyana to help me take the board home first as I won't be able to hold onto it during the whole event or I'll get stares. I then hungout at The Mall (opposite PWTC) to kill time while I was alone. Ate McDonalds as an early dinner and late lunch. I think I spend around 1 hour plus at McD. Thank goodness no one chased me away! Could hear my stomach go "slosh slosh" with all the food and drink, so I decided to walk around and went to search for Pocky, but there wasn't any in Cold Storage. WHAT A DISGRACE! Oh well.

Returned to the hall to find a really long trail of people lining up for the free standing concert. Immediately I took my VIP ticket and got into the short line. Actually I didn't need to but I was lazy to walk more, so I just sat down and waited. And finally we went in, at about 7pm. The free seating people were running past me while I was really taking my own sweet time walking. Hah, that's is nice being a VIP!

And hence, this is the end of the festival part.
AFA:MY 2012 review:
To rate this event (until before the concert), it is 3/5, just average.
They didn't have many volunteers/helpers walking around to control traffic flow or for me the lost one to ask directions. I only see them either at the entrance or the exit to the stage hall, or maybe I wasn't paying attention haha. Besides, there weren't many booths from fans but more on the sponsor booths, which was quite a let-down. I realised AFA is more focused on money-making (read: expensive service charge in the cafes). However, of course it was a new experience for me as this event had many more things going on so that fans that aren't too hardcore on anime had something else to see. *I don't get myself, but whatever*

For the concert report, please click below!

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