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AFA:MY Day 2 [Concert Part]

Anime Festival Asia: Malaysia 2012, Day 2 report (2 part) Part 2 of 2
(Part 1 read here)

AFA MY 2012 I Love Anisong! Super Anisong Genki LIVE!!! (Concert Report)

After reaching in there, I stormed excitedly to my seat, but still quite on the normal level of mood. My seat was really to the right, just 3 spaces before the end. But it's still good, being at the most front row! Bad side is that the speaker was directly in front of me, so after the concert, my ears were ringing for 2 days. I could feel my whole body vibrating to the music as well. The concert started off at about 7.30pm.

RADE (or RAE or REy, if anyone knows, please tell me)
When the team set up the drums, I thought to myself... Oh don't let it be FLOW the first to perform! Then how can I get high at the end? because there weren't other bands besides them already. However, a local band appeared! They weren't bad, quite good in fact, but I think the vocalist syok-sendiri too much and I find him weird. Haha~ They performed a total of 3 songs, one being their original song. Some people in the crowd were already high! Malaysians, hot-blooded passionate people yaw! I just sat down and waved my glowstick.

They finished their performance and that's when the real deal came in. Sea☆A had definitely be the next as the crew started removing the instruments.

The girls appeared and their voice were so high pitched! My ears were violated, heh. I don't know their songs, but I remember the first song was related to Arashi (Arashi no Yoru ni) and they sung an English version of their debut song (I think, couldn't quite remember) Dream Shooter. Don't remember if they sung other songs. However, their performances were nice to watch!

There was a crazy hardcore fan 2 rows behind me! During the whole performance, he cheered the loudest and the most hardcore. I kept glancing behind to find the people behind me also giving him glances and awkward smiles. I admire this person, really!

The girls also brought the crowd an announcement, namely Sea☆A is looking for new members! So, talented singers and dancers alike, if you're interested, please find out yourself how to audition for this~

The girls finished and went backstage.

I knew I had heard of her before. I thought she was the one who sung the ajinomoto song (read: Hora, ashimoto wo mite goran~ heh) but it was Kiroro who sung Mirai E. I spent time to time thinking, where did I hear of KOTOKO before? But I let it slipped away as I was busy anticipating FLOW for the past few weeks.

So after Sea☆A finished and went in, the crowd was cheering for KOTOKO. When she came out, yaw, I was overwhelmed by the response. That time, I swore to myself I must quickly remember where did I hear of her before! And here is her setlist posted on her Twitter.
M1 Face of Fact
M2 碧羅の天に誘えど
M3 Shooting Star
M4 ハヤテのごとく
M5 being
M6 Light My Fire
M7 →unfinished→
M8 Re-sublimity
I don't listen to her songs, so most of the time, besides leaning on the barrier in front of me and waving the glowstick to the rhythm, was just enjoying the music (not high). During her MC, she spoke a lot in English and hahaha sorry, I really couldn't understand Engrish (told Joey I would gladly prefer if she spoke in Japanese!). She was so cute oh gosh. She went to Times Square and bought accessories *flashes them at us* and she was so excited about our monorail! Then she was talking about this kuih which is ball-shaped with melted-sugar inside and rolled inside coconut shreds. I myself isn't that sure about the name of it, and she was trying really hard to describe it. The crowd was really listening attentively to her and then she said, "Ahhh, nanda tte, coconut mochi?" and we all roared in laughter. Hahahaha, the best name invention by her evar! After that, she said she would continue off to the next song...

"Do you all know the anime... Onegai Teacher?"

Oh god, you do not know how much I screamed after that. OHMAIGOSH OHMAIGOSH IT'S THAT!!! SHOOTING STAAAAAR! Now I remembered where I heard of her! I was like hardcore super like that anime with that theme song, and I was going to hear it live *sobbing uncontrollably*. The crowd went insane too, when she mentioned that. Honestly speaking, I never thought I would've the chance to listen to it live! She said this song was 10 years ago and I felt really old hahaha (although I started watching anime only 5 years ago) and then she started singing, live. Fangirl max!

So near the end of her session, the SP Cats' Tasha and Miyuko entered the concert stage and was right in front of me. Yes, directly in front, if I reached out I could have touched them heh. They already removed their cosplay costumes and were in "incognito" mode, but not much. Honestly speaking, they both distracted me a lot from KOTOKO because I was trying to figure out what language the crew guy was speaking to them.

When KOTOKO's session ended, fanboys and fangirls alike rushed in front, totally invading my space as they crowded around them to ask for pictures. I guess, they received too much overwhelming response, they went backstage as to not disrupt my view (why thank you very much!). KOTOKO's session ended at about 9.20pm. The stage went dark.

Crew came and set up the drums, guitar and bass. Super high that time, but I was quite tired already, so I just sat down and silently wait for FLOW. Couldn't tweet because my phone was on low battery at that time already. So guys and girls, don't get an iPhone, it won't even last a day! While waiting, Joey randomly asked if they would start with GO!! and I kept praying to the stage, "noh, please let them end with GO!! instead!".

From time-to-time, the crowd (us) would start chanting, "FLOW! FLOW! FLOW!" and stopped. And then we started cheering again. Hahaha, I know, we were eager yaw!

About 10 minutes later, a long hair guy came out and strummed on the guitars. Crowd cheers. I cheered. I was screaming, "TAKE? TAKE-SAN?! HONTOUUU?!" but I don't remember TAKE's hair being that long. Joey asked me, besides TAKE, who else had long hair? "IWASAKI-SAN?! IWASAKI-SAN ANATA DESUKAAAA?!" Okay, then I started being really high and complained to Joey on how I don't know IWASAKI plays the guitar. Maybe it was a staff/manager/sound check crew, or maybe it was really IWASAKI hurhur.

Then the "IWASAKI-look-alike" played the bass. More cheers from the crowd. Then Joey said, but it's impossible if the members let other people do sound check for them. I don't know! But I think those instruments weren't theirs and were bought here, or something like that, at least that's what I read from GOTO-chan's Twitter.

Then he proceeded to the drums. MORE CHEERS. Then there was another person on stage too, they both did sound check for the mics.

Then we waited some more. It was the longest wait ever! "Ahaha, did FLOW like go missing? There's drama backstage, searching for FLOW. 'FLOW-SAMA DOKO DESUKA?! DAREKA MITETAN DESUKA?!!' the manager would be looking for them." I told Joey hahaha, sorry, I was super bored. The last time I checked my watch, it was 9.40pm and I casually said, "oh, they are 20 minutes late!".

Suddenly... KANAME appeared. WAO, fangirls scream from the VIP section! I just sat down and glanced at him and turned my head back to the stage. I thought he had went back to the backstage as the flails had died down. And then I heard even more flails from the VIP section behind, near the free standing area. HAHAHA, guess what I did?

I cheered like a mad woman because I thought they were cheering for FLOW. "FLOOOOOW!!! OMG FLOOOOOOW! WHERE IS FLOOOOOOOOW! WHY ARE THEY CHEERING!!!!!!" and then I heard "KANAMEEEEE!" LOL. That was quite embarrassing. I sat back down (was nearly to jumping up) and waited some more.

THEN THEY APPEARED. IN BLACK AND WHITE. KOHSHI AND KEIGO WERE FIRST. *screams* The flails and cheers were endless. ENDLESS I TELL YOU. And I have never screamed so much!
Setlist (not in order)
  • Hey!!!
  • Days
  • 1/3 no junjou na kanjou
  • Sign
  • Re:member
  • World End
  • GO!!
  • (1 or 2 more songs I don't know/remember)
  • Rock Climbers
  • Garden

During the whole concert, I jumped endlessly, sung to the top of my lungs (I wonder if any cameraman caught me on tape, I have a very awkward screaming+singing face) and waved my glowstick like the world's going to end the next day. Besides enjoying the concert, most of the time, I was having biology in my head; on how I'm jumping (using leg muscles), swinging the glowstick (using arm muscles) and screaming+singing (using lungs' capacity). I was tired really fast since I have bad stamina. Haha. (Please allow me to bang a wall now.)

There was one song, I forgot which, they started off differently, which was quite a silent/ballad kind and I was too high at that moment, I shouted at Joey, "WHAT SONG IS THIS AH?" and she told me, "Everyone can hear you lah!" hahaha, oops. There was another song (which I really didn't hear before, orz, I was so worried at that time!) but this time I spoke softly to her instead. Haha, which turns out both of us do not know the title of that song either~

After the 3rd song or so, came the MC session. KEIGO did most of the talking, as usual. He spoke in Japanese, said that us Malaysians were sugoi, able to speak 3 languages; English, Malay and Mandarin! Then he started introducing the band in these 3 languages as well.

I don't remember what he said, but for all, it was all the same content, just introducing FLOW, first time in Malaysia, etc. I'll just write down my reactions...

English: *CHEERS*
Mandarin: *laughs endlessly* I know Japanese have problem pronouncing "_i" but I can't help to laugh everytime they say it (like Arashi did ohoho). "嗨大家好!我們是來自日本的FLOW!" The "ri ben" made me snort so much hehehehe. Oh KEIGO, why so cute~

After saying all these (with cheers and cheers from the crowd after finishing it), KEIGO faced the stage and wiped imaginary sweat from his forehead. Haha, otsukaresama KEIGO-san! Then he recapped and said we are awesome, and he continued speaking in Japanese, asking us whether we could understand it as well. WE CHEERED (I mean, of course we do understand heh) and he was super awed. MULTILINGUAL CULTURE YO.

After that, it was KOHSHI's turn to speak and I thought he'd talk about the similar stuffs like KEIGO did to make us high (sorry, I've never been to a Jrock concert, so I thought it'll be like Arashi concerts heh) but what KOHSHI spoke that night, that very night... Was super powerful and inspiring. He spoke in full, proper English and his pronunciation was very good for a Japanese.

KOHSHI spoke about the earthquake and tsunami that happened a year ago. He said that he felt helpless because all he had was music and music couldn't do anything. Then, someone from the crowd (actually the guy was just few seats away from me) shouted, "Music brings us all together!" and a few of us front row-ers cheered. I don't know if KOHSHI heard, but he just continued on (hahahah, got ignored aaawwww), saying that later he realised that music gives power, music gives hope. Honestly speaking, I didn't know where this would lead to, so I kinda got so absorbed into his English when suddenly...

They performed 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou. CHEERED LIKE MAD.

I forgot, after how many songs later, KEIGO said he would introduce the members as this was their first time in Malaysia! First off, drums no IWASAKI! And he did a short solo ("IWASAKI-SAN KAKKOII~~~!" I kept screaming heheh). Next off, bass no GOT'S! Also, he did a short solo ("GOTO-CHAN!!!! GOTO-CHAN DAISUKIII!!!!" hhahahaha omg, I love him so much hehehe). Then, guitar no TAKE! He did a super short line, and then put down his guitar. I was like "EEEH TAKE-SAN! MOTTO GUITAR YO! NANDE!!!!" because I super like his guitar, actually. The stage darkened, he took up something and it turned out to be a spectacles with LED. HAHAHA WE CHEERED LIKE MAD.

Then he stood on top of the stand and did an action of looking faraway. We cheered. He looked right, the right side (my side!) cheered. He looked left, the left side cheered. Then he went and took a mic and said some really impossible things.

TAKE: Mi goreng!

A-re? A-re??? Okay, we were stuck there for a while, I mean, WHY WOULD YOU SUDDENLY TALK ABOUT MI GORENG (fried noodles)??? So he repeated until we answered him back hahahaha.

TAKE: Mi goreng!
Crowd: MI GORENG!!!
TAKE: Petronas Twin Tower!
Crowd: PETRONAS TWIN TOWER! *laughing away*
TAKE: Tokyo Tower!
Crowd: TOKYO TOWER!!! (can see KOHSHI laughing behind there hahahaha)
TAKE: Sky Tree!
Crowd: SKY TREE!
TAKE: Sky Tree kaigyou omedetou!
TAKE: Oh my god, Malaysia... SHALL WE DANCE?!

Okay, I enjoyed too much at this moment, he's like super awesome. Hohoho! We cheered and he started dancing weird dance moves! We moved left, right, practically following him dancing! And then he said, "AKU CINTA KAMU!!" OMG. I PUN CINTA KAT YOU!!! Endless cheers. Although I would prefer that he played more of his guitar, but he has a lot of solo lines during songs so niemind! His crowd control was a fresher thing!

Then KEIGO came back on, introduced KOHSHI! And KOHSHI took his turn, and introduced KEIGO! And back to the performances!

Honestly speaking, I know KOHSHI looks cool with his sunglasses on, but I cannot make eye contact with him because I can't find his eyes! During somewhere in the performances, he waved at my side *silently hoping he was waving at me* but I don't know if it was me because the girl beside me and I started screaming at him HAHAHAHA. It's me lah, I'm so cute. Heh. Sadly, KEIGO did come to my side once, but he didn't really see us at the very right side. DISAPPOINT.

TAKE was most of the time at our side because KEIGO took the most left stand, KOHSHI the middle one and TAKE the most right stand. I KNOW, I REALLY KNOW, that at one point of time, TAKE did see me hahaha, but of course his hands were busy with the guitar so he cannot wave back (I also kept screaming "pi-su- shite" which means "do the peace sign" but it's a rock concert, might be a little bit inappropriate! And probably no one heard me because the music was so loud!). Also, somewhere near the middle end, TAKE started being goofy to the cameraman at the right side, so I just gave the "the crap you doing?" look and pointed at him. I am quite sure he saw me doing that, he laughed, shrugged his shoulders and winked at me.

FANGIRL MAX OMG. I CAN REPLAY THAT WINK FOREBAAAA!! It's nice sitting at the front row.

At some point, also near end or somewhere I forgot, KEIGO acknowledged us Malaysian fans again and promised us that they (FLOW) will return here to perform again! "Yakusoku suru!" and he held up his pinky. I went all "AWWWWHHHH PINKY PROMISE~" and he keep holding his pinky and made us all raise our pinky with him. KANDOU DESU! TTwTT

Also, to not disappoint me, they ended with GO!! Perfect ending, really! We kept going "We are fighting dreamers!", "Oli oli oli oh", "BAM!" and "BURN!", also all the jumpings. I WAS SO HIGH! And then they finished. Oh gosh, that was the most dreadful moment I've ever experienced. Our cheers were endless, they kept saying thank you over and over again. Then IWASAKI threw one of his drumstick, it was to the middle-right crowd orz I WANT YOUR DRUMSTICK IWASAKI JII-CHAN! Sucks sitting at the most right side... XD AND THEN THEY REALLY WENT BACKSTAGE.

We were still cheering, until we started to chant "mou ikkai" and "encore". We actually chanted and stopped a view times hahaha! The camera man in front of me also cheered us on our chants!

AND THEY APPEARED AGAIN. If I remembered correctly, someone changed, or someone had a towel, or something like that. (Man I hate my bad memory!)

KEIGO said we kept saying encore, he was really happy! And then he said, that they are going to perform the last songs already. THE LAST SONGS. OKAY, MAXIMUM APPRECIATING MOMENT.

So they started with Rock Climbers, saying it was their latest single and then ended with Garden (if I remembered correctly lah, based on my setlist). And it was really the end. I can't help but to feel so overwhelmed after that.

The crowd started throwing their lightsticks into the air, and I looked at mine. Nah, keeping it for memories' sake! Then, I was packing my stuffs, looking for the ticket to claim the autographed poster I balloted when a staff said they had 1 bad news and 1 good news. Oh gosh, I felt so worried that the bad news was we aren't able to get the posters...

Staff: "The bad news is, the concert has ended. But the good news is, FLOW will have their autograph session in this hall! Those who has won the ballot .... (blah blah blah)"

HOI, WHERE, and I raced to get into the line. Apparently they will also sign on the Anime Best CD! Chyeaaa, I already bought it first thing, so I quickly took it out, all ready in line, and waited. Waited. Waited. IT WAS ANOTHER LONG WAIT. FLOW really get people waiting huh!

And they appeared. asdkjflasj and the line started moving! Oh gosh I was excited!!! I passed by a crew who was selling the FLOW CDs and in the box were loads of the promo cards of the caller ringtone thingy. I asked her if I can have one of 'em (saw FLOW posted it on their Twitter the night before ahaha XD) and she said, "oh, take them! Take as many as you want!" and she gave me 5. ROFL, I said, "haaar, I want one only leh.." XDDD So I continued waiting in line. And then finally they were in view and I started phrasing all my speech I've prepared for a long time, waiting for my chance to tell them that! And then the crew member at the autograph place said want to see my ticket when I've already kept it secluded inside my backpack. OH PLEASE. Because of him, I already slowed down the flow of people, so... At the end I couldn't tell them what I wanted to say and just quickly went pass every member, shaking their hands.

AND WHY WAS TAKE THE FIRST ONE! OMG. Major crush on him and that was another factor why I couldn't speak afterwards till the end. I just shook his hand, said "arigatou TAKE-san!" and looked him in the eyes hahahahah XD Then it was IWASAKI. He gripped my hand so tight, I felt like shaking hands with a very encouraging uncle. I gripped his hand back. "Arigatou IWASAKI-san!" Then it was KOHSHI and dude. His eyes are really small hahahaha XD Shook his hand and said "arigatou KOHSHI-san!" and went to the next.

GOTO-chan aljshdakjs;lajf So I dragged the CD booklet to him, then he bent down to sign at it, I just looked at his head and said "GOTO-chan kakkoii desu!" HAHAHAHA SHIT WHAT. Then he looked up and laughed, "hahaha, arigatou~" alkdjf;alkd;lajag;ldf GOTO-CHAN WHY ARE YOU SO ADORABLEEEEE~ Then I said the usual "arigatou!" and shook his hand. Lastly it was KEIGO, I was so nervous, I just shook his hand, real quick, said "arigatou KEIGO!" and grabbed my poster and ran away. orz

Worst handshake session ever. When they come back, I'm going to go handshake again and speak ENGLISH. They will understand. XD

So it was nearly 12.00am at that time and I still had school the next day. Reached home and took a shower because I seriously can't help it. It was already around 1am, so I checked Twitter (FLOW, TAKE and GOT'S), blog posts etc. Wanted to wake up for school the next day but guess what?? I didn't! My head hurt so much and my muscles all ached, my ears were still ringing. BUT THE CONCERT WAS A BLAST. It was the most enjoyable moment ever.


Image taken from metanorn.net
Yes, TAKE with the LED specs, making legend, haha!

My precious!
(L-R) Autographed poster, Anisong advertisement board, promo card, concert ticket, autographed CD, sticker.
I'm grateful for AFA to bring their event to Malaysia this year, also to all the organizers and sponsors etc., those who worked for the event to be successful. Practically I'm grateful because I got to meet FLOW. THANK YOU! Please come to Malaysia again, AFA! Looking forward to surprising announcements next year. :)

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