Thursday, January 17, 2013

ninja's back

I should have posted right after STPM ended, with something like "FREEDOM!!!!" along the lines...

But I've done those celebratory posts during PMR.
I've done the countdown during PMR.
I've done the to-do-list-after-this-shit during PMR (wait, after).

Somehow, growing up made me less ambitious. I wanted to be a doctor, a tailor... There's one more I wanted to be, but I just can't remember... Oh wait, piano teacher! But now, everything seems to be like an unreachable dream.

STPM ended! I totally flunk my own hardwork (it wasn't really hardwork). After PMR, seems like my fighting spirit went down. Proof that I got only 8As in SPM was a lesson, but I didn't learn. I preferred living in my short term enjoyment.

All my friends are working already, I'm the only one still at home; sitting in front of the laptop every single day, watching dramas after dramas, variety shows after variety shows. I can't find my motivation.

They say, fall in love and get a boyfriend, you'll get motivation from that.
I shall just wait for the right time.

Oh, and all those missing pictures from my blog... I have no idea why did Facebook decided to change their photo links... Sorry that you'll have to see those white boxes; ain't motivated enough fo that.

If any of you want to exchange Chinese New Year cards with me, comment your address here! haha, I'll send you one and I'll attach my address too. *hopeful* Don't worry, comments are moderated so I'll be the only one who sees it :)

Good night and good day.

Ninja escapes; Miki.

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