Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy 31st, Mukai!

Dear Mukai Osamu,

To my husband which we had been married for I-forgot-how-many-years-but-it-wasn't-that-long-because-I-only-knew-you-in-2007 years, happy 31st birthday.

I know you don't remember anniversary dates, neither do I. I can only remember your birthday but I don't remember our wedding day. It's alright, everyday is a day worthy of remembrance ^.^

You've given me joy, hope and strength everyday without yourself knowing it. You can consider me as any other fan you have, but I will consider you as my husband hahaha *no I am not a scary fan*.

If you ever read this, or you may not, just to let you know, you are an awesome being, Mukai Osamu. Please continue being this way (although I don't really like the popularity you're gaining, I hope you update your blog more often with pictures like you do last time) and I will always support you!

p/s: Sorry I cheated on you (I'm sure you know) but I will love you the most. ;)

From Sarah with love, so much love.

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