Friday, February 8, 2013

Rainbow Cupcake!

Quite a success, but the icing was crazy. No step-to-step pictures, only some random shots when I felt like it.

This was done about a month ago. I used red dragonfruit for red colouring, a blue flower for blue colouring, yellow and green colouring were artifical food colouring, while purple and orange were a mixture.
Prepare the oven!

They looked good in pictures, but actually.. The red colour of the dragonfruit disappeared after the baking.. So all that was left was yellow, green and blue. So I decided to bake this rainbow cupcake once more, with artificial food colouring!

 Today ^.^
It was supposed to be purple at the bottom, blue and green
Into the oven!
Glorious pretty rainbow cupcakes!
The cupcakes this time are pretty, so pretty I felt so touched! hahaha!

I used whip cream for the icing. This was the most dramatic moment actually.

While preparing, the whip cream was still liquid. Mom told me that the beating machine was spoiled so I had to whip the cream manually. About 5 minutes into it, my arm was ridiculously sore.

Me: Ma, that time you whip cream, used how long?
Mom: About 30 minutes.
Me: Oh, okay.
Mom: But it wasn't this much.

Okay, it's alright, I will not give up. C'mon, the joy when you see your hardwork come to form, isn't that great? So I continued beating.
And beating.
And beating.
Then mom went and took out the beating machine.

Mom: Oh my god, it works!
Me: Ah.
Mom: Stop beating already! Let's use this!
Me: But I want to beat...
Mom: It will take forever. Stop!

And she planted the beating machine into my cream. And switched it on. I felt so hopeless clutching onto my whisking thing. So I left it in the sink and took over the machine.

It was wonderful, at the speed it was going. The cream got fluffier and fluffier, but it was still liquid.
So I continued, lifting the bowl once in a while to see if the cream will fall.. It was going to form, as I lifted the bowl one last time when suddenly...

The cream started to curd. You know, the texture of spoiled milk? Pieces of taufu-looking things and liquid... Panic attacks as I ran to my mom for help. She looked at it, with the same hopelessness I had. But mom didn't give up, she switched on the machine on high speed and continued.
Swirled around the curds, around and around.

And it started forming!! CREAM, ICING CREAM OH CREAM!! And it tasted like heaven. Oh yes...

So I separated the cream into 3 parts; blue, red and green. Spooned it into the piping bag and off we go, piping the icing! I was more than halfway through, having fun when liquid started coming out of the piping bag.

My palm was too warm holding on the bag, and the cream melted. D: So I randomly piped the remaining icing as fast as I could, while my mom was being all naggy about how I did it so slow and that's why it happened, "quick pipe the liquid here, pipe the icing, quick!". Nervousness.

But! At least, it still looks good, haha! Will improve on the icing next time! ;)

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