Sunday, February 3, 2013

Yesterday's Arashi ni Shiyagare...

Hate to say this but... Mukai-sama was quite boring on TV. meeeh

Anyhow! The episode of 02.02.2013 (2 February) of Arashi ni Shiyagare is on D-addicts! Head over there to download the awesomeness of having my hubby and Arashi in one show, where there is too much ikemen going on for 45 minutes.

This is your guest.
There, aniki Mukai Osamu-sama, sitting at his throne, waiting for them Arashi to guess!

I like their outfit in that episode. Nino and Jun wore the cutest suit ever, with a bow tie.

Oh-nii was thinking who the guest might be.
Everything about him spells "PERFECTION!"
 And they called for the guest! Look at them lucky Funky Girls. I wanna link arms with Mukai-sama too...!
Fans' reaction?
I'll be gasping if I were there.
 I cannot with these guys ^.^
Mukai x Arashi, adjhflajxljcdna
 They expect that there would be rock climbing...
There's something up there?
 Jun got the red, Aiba the dark blue, Sho the black, Nino the yellow and Ohno the light blue.
Gifts from the aniki! Chalk case, to put chalk when going for bouldering..

So they did some warming up exercises..
Mukai-sama looks exceptionally lean!
 Jun challenge yellow level, which is intermediate.
Easy goal for him!

The hubby chose the lover to challenge the hardest level (black). Revenge....? XD
This was the hardest part.
Baby, what a scene~
Sho challenges black level!

He was asked to put both his feet on that small block...
Just as we thought he did it... 
"Really can't get on it!"
He got stuck in that position..
"Rest time! Rest time!"
And here comes the hardest part again..
This time, Mukai-sama challenges black level!
If you look at me like that, like you want me so much... XD

It's the hardest part again...
Hubby x Lover high touch! 
Now let's see, why did Sho and Aiba fail...
As expected of Mukai~

Lastly they did yakiniku!
Hubby cooking for my men. Wao
I can say, this episode was an eye candy for me! Love love love Mukai x Arashi~
By the way, they didn't air the part where Mukai and Aiba were being lovey-dovey.. Whyyyyyyy

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