Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sarah in Sabah

I like the title. I shall make this a tagline. See, my name and where I currently am just differ by a letter.

Malindo Air, up in the skies above the South China Sea

So far so good, I think I can get used to this, but seriously, needing to worry about things besides studying is just too stressful. Either that, or I'm just bad at being organized. You should come see the room I'm living in now. My [study] place's a mess.
I'm such a disorganized mess.
I did so many mistakes ever since I came here.

No, actually I've been committing many mistakes even before I came here.
Most of them seem to work out, maybe those which didn't work out didn't cross my mind.
Either that, all have worked out I guess, since I'm still alive and typing over here.

I used to be a full time student and my life being sorted out by my overly-awesome parents.
Now? Aih.

This morning we just had a quiz on one of my subjects this sem. Man, I couldn't answer a single thing. I still dislike biology, mildly chemistry. I'm not fit to be a brainiac, I guess.

I miss home. I miss the toilet, my bed, my room, the fast internet speed, the washing machine, my parents, my brother, my friends, everything at home. Everything came in convenience. I had the printer with just few steps away, I had food in the fridge, I had stationeries hidden somewhere in my boxes. I had everything.
Now, it's just pure inconvenience.

However, living outside is fun. It's fun to face the rain and complaining about how my clothes won't dry and have a crowd agreeing to what I say. It's fun to worry about what to eat next morning. It's fun to make new friends from different meetings. It's fun.

Tanjung Aru beach with the JCC members
I'm now in the publicity team of the Japanese Cultural Club here. I am responsible to design the ticket in the shape of a fan. I don't think I'm gifted with the talent of arts and crafts, but I learn technical stuffs fast. Thank goodness of technology.
I can just create and create layers of errors and trials, get what I want and delete all the mistakes.
No one will know except for me... and those people who I kept sending my errors to.
Not that that concerns them.


There are nice people, and there are also people with attitude problem just about anywhere, any part of the world. It's not a discrimination against nationality or races, it's a person's own personality. It's good so far, people I meet are nice. My roommates are nice. They easily react to things, maybe I feel this way because I rarely have reactions. My housemates are nice too, except for 2 whom never talk to me, whom only look at me and just regard my existence. I smile but they don't smile back so, okay. Your choice.

By God's grace, really; I feel happy when I'm at rest. I feel happy that I feel worried. I feel happy that I feel stressed. I feel happy all the time, because I feel alive. I have a new family here. This church is quite different from the one I go back home, but everyone is nice. Everyone is cool. Everyone is awesome! The church is Emmanuel Church KK. The first week I went to church, I cried. I cried so much. I cried for the first time I came here. The Holy Spirit was just so overwhelming. Suddenly, I missed home.

I want to go home.

I love food. I love fried, crunchy food most. Besides having meal stalls at our cafe, they also have small snack stalls. FRIED BANANA OMG. KEROPOK LEKOR OMG. I come here become fat. Haven't tried any remarkable Sabah food yet, I supposed. Food though, any of them nice food will make me happy.
I'm a simple person. If it's tasty, I'm happy. I don't need any extravagant fancy delicacies. Like uni (sea urchin). *hints hints*

The line to wait for bus
Sabah is a nice place. My campus is a nice place, albeit hilly. Walking is difficult due to the extreme steepness here. Can cry if I need to walk every single day. There are buses, and of course, public transports in Malaysia have made quite a reputation among their citizens.

Till the next update!

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