Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Blaming Game

I posted on Facebook, a post which I cried over afterwards, because I couldn't when I was being blamed by a group of four to five people in a party where I was the official photographer, Imagine if the photographer went missing to cry in the toilet, you'd be wondering where's the missing slot of photographs.

This game is strong.

Recently, an earthquake happened in Sabah. It's one of the first earthquakes to happen in Malaysia, or so I heard. It happened on the 5th of June 2015 with a magnitude of 6.0. That time, it was 7,15am and it was another 15 minutes to my time to actually wake up. However, the quake shook so vigorously, I woke up, shocked, thinking that my roommate in the bottom bunk had a horrible seizure. After a few seconds, the shaking stopped. I thought, hmm, I guess she has calmed down, no need to save her or anything. So I went back to sleep, for 15 minutes before my alarm rang.

It wasn't until I woke up to check on the exploding Whatsapp notifications. "Did you feel the tremor?" "I guess everyone felt it." "I didn't even know it was an earthquake." "Is everyone safe?" "Are you safe?" "Please pray for Sabah!".

It was an earthquake.

And only then I panicked.

I've watched enough shows to know that earthquake can kill. The thought that dawned upon me was
I could've died.

I'm not afraid of death, because it's just losing my physical body but living with God eternally. How great is that?

But death is still a thing. I want to achieve something (like you know, going to Japan? hehe) before rising up to heaven.

And if I died, how many people would miss me? How many people would be sad? That's another blog post to write on.

19 lives were lost in the earthquake. The locals then blamed for the indecent activities of the foreigners which caused the spirits of the mountain to be agitated and caused the earthquake.

13 June's early morning was another fateful day of another medium scale earthquake. It was 2.30am and it started shaking and shaking. It shook quite a while. I was contemplating of whether to run for safety or to sit till it subsided. I did the latter after asking my roommate.

Later that day, I was at the Prayer House when I saw the the air-freshener that stood on top of the book shelves was lying down instead of the usual standing tall. I blamed, or more like suspected the earthquake.

We continued blaming the earthquake for whatever bad that has happened. It was a hilarious take on things.

Still, blaming is a sad culture.

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