Friday, June 19, 2015

Breaking Fast

I went out for a whole day.
From 10am to 11pm.
It was a full day spent with awesome people.

Remember the previous post where I said I don't have friends?
They are, just not the close kind.
YH, PE, LY, and I had the conversation of close friends, acquaintances and the likes.

If I straight up tell someone I know and have a somewhat distinct relationship with,
"I don't have friends."
Will that person be offended?

I will.
If I treat you as a friend (though not a close one) and you straight up in my face tell me
"I don't have friends."
I will be so angry because it means you don't treat me as one.

But that was what I did, didn't I?
I actually said that I don't have friends right in front of Joui's face.
I wonder how did she feel.
Did she feel under-appreciated?

Original Beef Cheese Burger @ Upperstar

Apple Pie @ McDonald's

Ice latte @ McCafe

Colourful drinks at the Ramadhan Bazaar. Nyum.

Chocolate bingu and Patgi bingsu @ Nunpat, Oceanus Mall

I'll try to improve my insecurity.
I mean improve it to become secure instead of insecure hahaha. ^^;

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