Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"I don't have friends."

I do, just not many.

They are friends, but not the type that gel with me, or have me in their mind for everything.
I'm not included, always the excluded.
Exclusive, maybe?

I'm sensitive to this issue, but somehow I can't bring myself to make the effort to improve it.
I leave as soon as possible.
I try to make relationships, but it never goes beyond acquaintance.
My relationships are defined on something, never on true friendship.

I only consider two friends to be my true friends.
They care, they love, they think of me.
But I realised, I never took the effort to reciprocate those feelings.

Then we go astray.
We go separate paths.
And I'm all lonely again.

Praying to God to help me on this.
I don't think I can survive all these loneliness.

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